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Under Starling Announce New Single ‘Selkie’

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Under Starling Set To Release Enchanting New Single “Selkie” on July 26th

Under Starling, the dynamic alternative rock group from Ireland, is set to release their latest single “Selkie” on July 26th. This indie/alternative rock song with folk rock undertones delves into the challenges of long-distance relationships, skillfully blending fiction and reality through the ancient Selkie myth to symbolise hope and connection.

This is the second release from Under Starlings’ upcoming debut album, “Murmurations”, set for release on October 25th.

“Selkie” narrates an inspiring tale where the protagonist, upon receiving a seal skin from a Selkie, embarks on a watery journey to reunite with their beloved. This lyrical exploration captures the belief that love can transcend great distances, embodying themes of growth, resilience, and acceptance. Against the majestic ocean backdrop, “Selkie” celebrates the profound bond between two souls weathering life’s storms.

Tales of the Selkie catching the eyes of sailors around the coasts of Ireland have been part of our folklore for a very long time. This is due to the beautiful abundance of native seals in Irish waters, our keystone species holding the marine ecosystem together and confusing lovesick fishermen.

For this campaign, the band have teamed up with Seal Rescue Ireland who help preserve the native seal population in Ireland. All profits made from song sales and collaborative merch will go directly to this amazing charity, preserving the myth of the selkie.

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Under Starling is an alternative rock group from Ireland renowned for their evolving and distinctive musical style. Their sound is characterized by effects like reverb, delay, and chorus, creating catchy hooks and colossal soundscapes. Influenced by iconic acts such as The Cranberries, Kings of Leon, and U2, Under Starling crafts a unique sound that combines euphoria with a gritty edge.

The band began 2024 on a high note with their single “Changeling,” earning acclaim from notable publications including Hot Press, Clout, Mystic Sons, and Earmilk. Their music and live performances offer a sense of escapism, uniting audiences like a flock of starlings in a shared, euphoric experience.

Under Starling is poised to make a significant impact on the music scene, pushing boundaries and ushering in a new era of Irish music with the anticipated release of their debut album in October.

Additional info: WHAT IS A SELKIE?

Also called the seal people, the sea people or the mermaid – a selkie is a marine legend that tells of people who are half fish, and half-human. In the water, they are seals, but on land, they shed their skin and take on human form. And for some reason, they are irresistible to ordinary humans, who are apt to fall in love with the seal people.

Popular on islands and rural coastal communities, the legend of selkie has endured over the age, and though less, there are still supposed sightings even in relatively modern times.

At its core, the legend is that of a creature that is half fish or seal, and half-human.

Selkies are often sighted by those living in remote coastal areas. Legend has it that in order to come ashore, selkies must first shed their skin or tail. And if you manage to find that skin and hide it away, the seal person cannot return to the sea. Irish folklore is littered with tales of men and women (usually men) finding a selkie skin and hiding it, then marrying the selkie woman.

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