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Galway Troubadour Set To Release Debut Album

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Sano Hill is a singer-songwriter based in Galway city who writes and performs songs inspired by life, love and loss. He has played to audiences in the US and across Ireland with his work released already to international critical acclaim. 

He “is blessed with a strong and distinctive voice” (Galway Advertiserand his compositions have been described as defining “a timeless recipe for original guitar music: inventive, humanist lyrics sung from the gut, then embedded in rhythms to barrage or soothe the soul” (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel).

For leading Irish music magazine, Hot Press, Sano Hill daringly “tries to capture the sound, sense and smell of Galway in a similar vein to Van Morrison’s finest compositions about his native Belfast.” (Hot Press).

If Not Now, When? is Hill’s debut album and charts a singer/songwriter’s development and ambitions over the course of a relationship from hopeful beginnings, to doubt and denial, disillusionment, breakup, recovery and finally finding his voice. Album tracks released to date have been acclaimed internationally in the music press as having “echoes of the greats from the past” (New Artist Spotlight), “timeless” (Vents Magazine), “remarkable” (Music Taste), “stunning” (FV Music Blog), and “a masterpiece” (Sinusoidal Music).

Recorded partly in Windmill Lane Studios, upcoming album ‘If Not Now, When?’ (Nov 17th 2023) was produced by award winning Irish producer Larry Hogan, with final mixing and mastering completed by celebrated engineer and producer Braddon Williams who has previously worked with Beyoncé, Snoop Dogg, Mark Ronson, Il Divo, Wyclef Jean, Billy Joel, Kelly Clarkson, P Diddy, and The Script.

Song breakdowns by the Artist:

If Not Now, When?

CD/Digital – Release – 17th November 2023


Time Out – Opening the album is an anthem for all indie artists. Beginning with just a vocal and acoustic guitar ‘Time Out’ builds to a stunning full-band arrangement charting the story of a singer/songwriter trying to make a living and dreaming of success. Set in Galway, ‘Time Out’ evocatively captures the colour and feel of that city, with references to experiences had, stories heard and familiar places.

The Climb – The Climb begins as a song of seduction but gradually evolves into something both darker and more hopeful. The pandemic experience was an influence here, trying to come to terms with the enormity of what we (and the planet) have been facing, including the impact of climate change, and seeking meaning, understanding and hoping ultimately that we can overcome, we can climb that hill.

Beautiful – A delicate love song capturing intimate moments at the beginning of a relationship, ‘Beautiful’ features scenes of performance, encounter and reflection

Dancer – ‘Dancer’ deals with the challenge of artistic creation, set against the background of a memory of a dance, and the first fires of romantic encounter. It is part love song, part artistic reflection.

Love Story – Foregrounding the exotic sounds of the Iranian Doudouk and Greek bouzouki, ‘Love Story’ recalls the initial excitement of a romantic relationship, and subsequent regrets of losing touch over time and words left unsaid.

CircleWalk – ‘CircleWalk’ is a song dealing with communication breakdown in a relationship and an appeal to begin talking again, for real. The track captures both lyrically and musically the tensions and frustrations that can exist within a relationship, when two people can’t find the words to say how they feel and instead walk in circles around what they need to say.

Not that Kind of Love Song – a song perhaps more open to interpretation than most on the album. It deals with an illicit encounter (perhaps an affair) and the moments shared by a couple in the knowledge that they could be their last moments together. A love song, but not that kind of love song.

No Romeo – No Romeo is a frank expression of the breakdown of a relationship and the reality that love and relationships rarely (if ever) follow the paths charted in film and popular culture.

Starting Over – This is a song of overcoming, reconciliation and renewal after the traumatic ending of a relationship. It’s a driving song (evident in the music video) that emphasises the importance of moving on, and not carrying the weight of the past on that journey.

Feel Love – This track is a deep expression of the power of love within us all to connect and overcome. In a time of great instability, war, and potential environmental catastrophe, this song is an appeal to ‘feel love’ again as a starting point for how we respond appropriately to what is going on in the world.

Sing out Loud – In the uncertain world we all inhabit, still recovering from the Covid-19 Pandemic, this song is about reconnecting with the world and each other and celebrating the joy of living and the potential of every moment to bring insight. The song explores this theme by focusing on a singer/songwriter and his attempt to come to terms with his own fears and insecurities, to believe in his music and voice and perform again, to ‘Sing Out Loud’ and: If Not Now, When?