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Heroes In Hiding added to the 2FM playlist, Indie band on the rise

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Dublin indie-rock outfit Heroes In Hiding have just released their brand new single, ‘No, You’re A Rabbit’ and have become one of the only Independent Irish Bands on the Music scene to make their way onto a National radio Playlist without the help of a Major or Indie record label. 

“Opening with pops and clicks of rhythm and textural synth parts, ‘No, You’re A Rabbit’ quickly gives way to the grand-scale ambition of Heroes In Hiding sound.An interesting mix of style,  with ‘No, You’re A Rabbit’ Heroes In Hiding do something different with the Irish indie-rock sound that sets them apart from the pack.” – The Last Mix Tape

Click below to listen to ‘No, You’re A Rabbit‘, the brand new single from Heroes In Hiding and hear what all the fuss is about.