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Cooking Vinyl announce worldwide services deal for Alison Moyet

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Alison-MoyetCooking Vinyl announce worldwide services deal for Alison Moyet

·       New Guy Sigsworth-produced album due in May 2013

January 31st 2013: Cooking Vinyl is delighted to announce the signing of Alison Moyet to a worldwide services deal.

The deal will cover Moyet’s highly-anticipated eighth studio album. Produced by Guy Sigsworth (Madonna, Bjork, Seal, Frou Frou) and scheduled for release in May 2013, the singer describes her new electronic-based material as “Prog-Pop” and “born of reconstructed improvisation”.

A three-times BRIT winner and Grammy nominee, Moyet is managed by Modest! Management. In her career to date she has achieved sales of more than 20 million, both as a solo artist and half of acclaimed 80s duo Yazoo. All of her seven previous studio albums charted in the UK Top 30.

Speaking about the deal, Moyet commented: “It is a very happy place I find myself in. I am more than delighted to be joining Cooking Vinyl and working with a company of people that support the direction I have taken for my eighth solo studio album.

“With the exceptional talent that is Guy Sigsworth as producer and collaborator, we have recorded a collection of original songs that sees me moving away from a generic line up and back into the world of a programmer. Born of reconstructed improvisation I like to think of it as Prog-Pop, but I also like to think of big dogs as small horses. So don’t hang on to that thought long. Unless, of course, you think it astute of me in which case I am right”

Richard Griffiths, director of Modest! Management said: “We are thrilled to be working alongside Cooking Vinyl for Alison’s next release. They were they obvious home for this record, which we are all incredibly proud of.”

Rob Collins, Director, Cooking Vinyl added: “Alison is a legend and has made an outstanding record on her own terms. I think a lot of people will be surprised, in a good way, about how amazing the record is.”

Cooking Vinyl Records
Cooking Vinyl has developed a reputation as one of Europe’s prime artist-focused independent labels, inspiring an enviable loyalty among its artist roster. It is also in the vanguard of music companies offering innovative services-only deals that claim no stake in artists’ copyrights.

Cooking Vinyl take full responsibility for the management of a project whether functioning as a label or in a services-only setting. Adding more than just marketing muscle, Cooking Vinyl devise and implement worldwide sales, marketing and distribution plans for their artists, working alongside booking agents and artist managers.

Artists signed to Cooking Vinyl include Madness, Amanda Palmer, The Prodigy, Marilyn Manson, Underworld, Ron Sexsmith and Roll Deep. Such is the loyalty and affection among artists for the label that the likes of Frank Black have returned close to 20 times to record fresh collections with them. The Prodigy’s Invaders Music Die was Europe’s biggest selling independent album in 2009.
Cooking Vinyl Records is a division of the CV Group

CV Group
CV Group comprises several companies including Cooking Vinyl Records, Essential Music & Marketing, CV America, Cooking Vinyl Publishing and Cooking Vinyl Property.

Billy Bragg releases his first new studio album in five years Tooth & Nail on Cooking Vinyl records on March 15 2013.

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New album Tooth & Nail released March 15 2013

(Cooking Vinyl COOKCD580)

COOKCD580 Billy Bragg - Tooth & Nail Physical OnlyFree Download of album track Handyman Blues from www.billybragg.co.uk from 2:00 pm GMT on Wednesday January 16th 

Billy Bragg releases his first new studio album in five years Tooth & Nail on Cooking Vinyl records on March 15 2013. Available formats are CD, LP and a limited special edition CD+DVD Bookpack.

The limited special edition Bookpack includes the CD, a 36 page booklet containing exclusive photos and a collection of columns written by Billy originally published in Q magazine between 2008 and

2011, plus a DVD of 10 promotional videos that Billy made for his singles between 1986 – 2002.

Drawing on personal rather than political themes, Tooth & Nail  was recorded over a whirlwind five-day session with Grammy Award winning producer Joe Henry (whose impeccable production credits include Solomon Burke, Aimee Mann, Elvis Costello and Hugh Laurie) in his South Pasadena basement studio.  With Joe taking Billy out of his comfort zone (all vocals were recorded live without retakes or overdubs) the album features an accomplished crew of musicians, including Greg Leisz (Bon Iver), Patrick Warren (Lana Del Rey), Jay Bellerose (Regina Spektor) and David Piltch (Ramblin’ Jack Eliot). The spontaneous results are, according to Billy, a return to the rootsy sound of 1998’s Mermaid Avenue sessions he recorded with Wilco – drawing on soul, country and folk music influences to explore the ups and downs of relationships that have stood the test of time.

In his own words: “In 2011, I took a long, hard look at who I am and what I do. This album is the result.”

Permanently active beyond music and consistently playing to audiences around the world, this period also saw Billy establish the Jail Guitar Doors initiative and lend support to numerous causes including the anti-fascist campaign Hope Not Hate and the Occupy Movement. In 2010, he began to curate the Left Field at Glastonbury Festival, with the aim of highlighting new political artists. He recently delivered the 2012 John Peel Lecture.

‘The Sherpa of Heartbreak’: Billy Bragg on the making of Tooth & Nail

The songs on Tooth and Nail had their genesis in a comment that turned up in my twitter feed sometime in 2011. It said something like ‘Getting over break-up by listening to @billybragg, the Sherpa of Heartbreak’. It made me smile to think of my love songs doing some emotional heavy lifting for the heart-broken. Most people, when they hear my name, think of polemical anthems born in struggle. I often find myself having to remind people that I am also the Sherpa of Heartbreak, writing songs about the struggle to maintain our relationships with those we love the most.

Since the release of my last studio album, Mr Love & Justice in 2008, I’d become rather disillusioned with the record industry, wondering if there was any place for a middle-aged Billy Bragg in a market dominated by the X-Factor. Plenty of people wanted to see me in concert, but was there really any point in me going into the studio for six weeks to record another album? Did I still have the appetite for such a huge undertaking?

2011 had started badly. My mother fell ill in January and passed away six weeks later. Such things force you to take stock, of where you are, what you’ve been doing, but most of all, what you want to do with the time you have left. The ‘Sherpa of Heartbreak’ tweet was a nudge, reminding me that I also write love songs. Driven by this impulse, I put in a call to my old friend Joe Henry.

Joe and I go back a long way. I’ve admired his lyrical song writing since we first met in the Rockefeller Centre in New York sometime in the 80s. Over the years, I’ve watched admiringly as he extended his talents into the sphere of record production. We’d often talked about recording together, with Joe assuring me that making an album need not be a long drawn out process with an uncontrollable budget.

But did I have an album of songs? Not really. I needed something concrete to focus my attention. That focus came when I made a commitment to Joe to come to his studio in January 2012 and make an album. Any ambiguities I might have felt were banished by my decision to fund the sessions myself.

Joe assured me that we could make an album in his basement in five days. I wasn’t so sure. I hadn’t done anything like that since Life’s A Riot, my debut album 30 years ago. But the recording of Tooth & Nail proved to be very different from any album I had made.

Firstly, I would be playing with a bunch of musicians that I hadn’t recruited myself. Joe assembled  his regular crew in the basement of his house in South Pasendena, California, each one of them an amazing musician. Over in the corner was guitarist Greg Leisz, whose pedal steel I’d been enjoying on the Bon Iver album. Patrick Warren had just finished playing keyboards on Lana del Rey’s debut. In the drum booth was Jay Bellerose, fresh from recording with Regina Spektor and David Piltch had recently played his upright bass on the Grammy winning album that Joe produced for Ramblin’ Jack Elliot.

Secondly, I sang the vocals as we laid down the tracks. Usually when recording, I sing a scratch vocal for the band to follow, which is later replaced by a more polished vocal that can sometimes take hours to get right. Received wisdom says that Billy Bragg isn’t a natural singer. Joe didn’t buy this. Instead, in a huge boost to my confidence, he encouraged me to perform each song as if it were definitive. As a result, the album is ‘live’ – we didn’t do any vocal retakes or overdubs, which is a first for me.

Thirdly, we made the whole album in five days. It helped greatly that we were at Joe’s house. The atmosphere there was just so much more conducive to creativity than if we’d have been locked away in some sterile studio environment. Instead, things were very relaxed and, as a result, highly spontaneous. I’d teach the band a song, we’d run through it a few times, then go for a take. In the first two days, we recorded eight of the tracks on the album this way.

Billy Bragg_MG_8463A credit Andy WhaleAnd finally, I didn’t tell anyone that I was in the studio.

By the time Joe and I agreed to make the album, my 2012 was already full of commitments. The Mermaid Avenue Complete Sessions, the Grammy nominated album of Woody Guthrie songs that I recorded with Wilco in 1998, was due to be re-issued with 17 extra tracks in the spring. I had dates booked in Germany and the US and tours planned for Australia and New Zealand. Telling everyone I was in the studio would have set in train a series of events aimed at getting my new album out as soon as possible.

By going under the radar to make the record, I was able to spend 2012 celebrating the centenary of Woody Guthrie without having the added pressure of promoting a new album. It is fitting that Tooth & Nail should be my next release after the re-issue of the Billy Bragg & Wilco collaboration as, stylistically, it is the follow-up to Mermaid Avenue that I never made.

Back in 2000, responding to the troubling rise of the far right in Britain, my next album, England, Half English, addressed the politics of identity through a multicultural mix of musical styles. Tooth & Nail returns to the rootsy sound of the Mermaid Avenue Sessions, drawing on soul, country and folk music influences to explore the ups and downs of relationships that have stood the test of time.

In 2011, I took a long, hard look at who I am and what I do. This album is the result.

Billy Bragg  January 2013


www.billybragg.co.uk  /  www.cookingvinyl.com

New music video for ‘Heavens Basement’ Single Nothing left To Lose

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Here is the official Music Video for Heaven’s Basement new single!! Nothing left To Lose!



Heaven’s Basement are confirmed as the sole support on Black Veiled Bride’s tour throughout continental Europe in April 2013.

The band have had a monumental 2012, touring Europe numerous times, most recently extensive tours with both Halestorm and Seether, as well as recording their debut album ‘Filthy Empire’ with John Feldmann in LA (Papa Roach, Black Veil Brides!

The album, featuring 12 tracks includes the singles ‘Fire,Fire’ and ‘Nothing Left To Lose‘ and conjures the greats; the high-wire swagger of Led Zeppelin, the outlaw chaos of Guns’n’Roses – without ever copying their moves. Don’t be like your heroes, be as good as them, seems to be Heaven’s Basement’s game. “We wanted to take the ambition of all the great rock’n’roll that came before us, the essence, but make it sound completely modern and relevant,” explains Sid Glover. “I want people to say , ‘Fuck man, I haven’t heard an album that’s made me feel this pumped up in ages, I haven’t seen a band with this much energy and ‘Go fuck yourself’ attitude…’” It’s hard to imagine the album stirring any other kind of reaction, to be honest, and for Heaven’s Basement, this is clearly only the beginning.

The band bring the storm to Europe in April 2013 at the following shows:

05/04/13        Paris                          Le Trabendo

06/04/13        Toulouse                   La Dynamo

07/04/13        Madrid                        Caracol / Sala Arena

08/04/13        Barcelona                 Music Hall

10/04/13        Zurich                         Komplex

11/04/13        Milan                          Factory

12/04/13        Rome                         Init Club

13/04/13        Cesena                     Vidia Club

14/04/13        Vienna                       Arena

16/04/13        Munchen                   Backstage Halle

17/04/13        Poznan                      Eskulap

18/04/13        Berlin                         Lido

19/04/13        Copenhagen                        Vega

20/04/13        Stockholm                 Klubben

22/04/13        Helsinki                     Nosturi

24/04/13        Gothenburg              Sticky Fingers

25/04/13        Hamburg                   Grunspan

26/04/13        Amsterdam               Melkveg Max

27/04/13        Antwerp                     Trix

28/04/13        Koln                            Live Music Hall

The band currently have ‘I Am Electric’ featuring in the major EA release ‘Need For Speed: Most Wanted’ – the trailer featuring the track is on youtube and has been viewed over 380,000 times – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DEmRkNnCvLU&feature=share&list=PL3C50C26F99B52DAF

Heaven’s Basement is

Aaron Buchanan – Lead Vocals.

Sid Glover – Lead Guitar; Backing Vocals.

Rob ‘Bones’ Ellershaw – Bass Guitar; Backing Vocals.

Chris Rivers – Drums.

www.facebook.com/heavensbasement / www.heavensbasement.com / www.redbullrecords.com