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Netgigs Announces Exclusive Online Gig With Liam Ó Maonlaí from ‘Hothouse Flowers’ June 13th 2020

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Netgigs are pleased to announce an exclusive online streamed live gig with Liam Ó Maonlaí, a founding member of Hothouse Flowers on June 13th 2020! Join Liam as he takes you on a musical journey in an intimate setting, playing all your favourites from his catalogue of global hits.
Grab a glass of wine, cast the gig onto your tv, put it on the Bluetooth speaker system, join the live chat and relax in the comfort of your living room, while you enjoy Liam performing your favourite songs.
Liam’s foundation in music comes first from his Mother and Father.
Says Liam – ‘My mother’s people were all piano players. My father could make you cry with a song‘. 
Netgigs are thrilled to be the platform to host Liams exclusive online gig to his fans all over the world on June 13th at 8pm GMT for just €9.99. Link to purchase tickets here: https://netgigs.com/liam-o-maonlai
Liam found a path in life when he started playing the indigenous music of his home country. At the age of nine he found himself in different towns by virtue of the strength in his whistle and bodhrán playing and his style of singing known as ‘Sean Nós’.
His traditional music continues to take a place at the centre of his expression but he is a lover of blues, soul, gospel, country, punk rock and folk. All captured in his beautiful live performances. 
Liam continues: ‘Our style of singing is about taking the pain of the people, of your neighbours and yourself, and making beauty out of it to get you through. Blues is also this. I play to soothe myself first. When I reach that feeling, that feeling travels if it’s own will’
His solo shows reflect the fluctuations of time and change. The story evolves as the show moves and we travel back and forth in time and place. On his Netgigs live show Liam will also perform the Band’s greatest hits.
For more information see: www.netgigs.com & https://www.liamomaonlai.ie

Netgigs was established to assist artists through these uncertain economic times. Proceeds go directly to the artist and rights holders.


UK/Ireland – 13th June – 8pm

USA – Hawaii – 13th June – 10am

USA – Alaska – 13th June – 12pm

USA – Pacific – 13th June – 1pm

USA – Mountain – 13th June – 2pm

USA – Central – 13th June – 3pm

USA – Eastern – 13th June – 4pm

Australia – AEST – 14th June – 7am

Australia – ACST- 14th June – 6.30am

Australia – AWST – 14th June – 4am

New Zealand – 14th June – 9am

Link to purchase tickets here: https://netgigs.com/liam-o-maonlai 

Things To Do During Lockdown and Isolation. (So That You Don’t Crack Up)

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In these trying times, many of use are missing the simple things we took for granted. Like a cosy pint in the pub witha loved one or friends. Going for a group Hike, the Cinema, House parties and come on lets not forget the obvious: going to gigs and concerts. Live music!

One of the most difficult aspects of the COVID_19 pandemic is that it changes how your friends and all that you do to show them affection and love from hugs and kisses and generally hanging out –  into a deadly threat!

We have got together (online and over whatsapp) with the GSPR team here and put a few things to do while in isolation and during lock down that might make it easier to pass the time.

On Instagram:

There are so many of our fav artist now hosting free gigs and shows on their Instagram accounts. If you didnt catch John Legend and Chrissy Teigen on their Live show, you have to check it out:

Invite friends to online cocktails. There are lots of cool recipes here, you can shake your tin at: https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/collection/easy-cocktail

There are a lot of FREE gigs happening, but over the last few weeks and over the months ahead many of our beloved musicians and bands are considerably out of pockets with shows being cancelled. There is a new start up called NETGIGS who aim to bring you pay-per-view shows from your fav artists. If you ARE in a band, and want to find out how you can host your own show and make money while you’re at it from the comfort of your home during the COVID_19 lockdown you can reach out to them online at their homepage. And for everyone else you can check out the site over at https://www.netgigs.com/en 

Fitness Blender have some brilliant free training and excercise workouts on their YouTube channel, so that you can stay healthy while in isolation. Some of the workouts can be done with no equiptment, which means you don’t have to have a home gym set up, you can do it without anything at all but the limbs on your body and some stamina! See https://www.youtube.com/user/FitnessBlender for all workouts.

Given that movie goers can no longer attend the Cinema, apps like Rakuten TV, Now Tv, Netflix and Amazon Prime, not to forget Disney! have brilliant platforms where you can watch all your fav movies, tv shows and cinema releases. We are loving Rakuten for the latest cinema releases, but al the others have great shows and entertainment too!

Ciara here on the team is an avid PODCAST lover. She has recommended a list of cool podcasts you can check out over on Spotify. 

Ted Talks:


Crowd Science podcast: 

Crime Podcast: 

Short Stuff:


You can also sort out your clothes, redecorate your room/apartment/house, read a book, or start an online college course!

We will leave you with this: Who knows there Dublin Pubs 😉 Stay safe out there. 

GSPR Crew xxx


An Australian Company, Ran By An Irishman, Has An Antidote To The Damage That Corona Virus Is Doing To The Global Music Industry!

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An Australian company, ran by an Irish man, has the antidote to the damage that Corona Virus is doing to the global music industry that has seen thousands of gigs and live events being cancelled! Netgigs is a new online service that will help musicians to bring live music to audiences no matter where they are.

Netgigs, a new online live music streaming service, was officially launched this month to bring live music performances to audiences no matter where they are. Netgigs allow Artists/Entertainer the platform to stream their live performances from their home to their fans worldwide direct from their video and audio device on their pay-per-view platform that returns significant royalties back to the artists.

Netgigs Founder and Managing Director Joe Ward is a South Australian musician with a professional background in business and technology. He started Netgigs with a mission to provide the ability for artists to reach their fans that couldn’t make it to their live shows for whatever reason (such as rural living, tickets sold out, too young for licensed venues, work/family commitments on the night of the show or limited physical ability making a live concert experience difficult). He also identified that live streaming can be a new way for artists to monetise their music through selling a streaming ticket to their shows.

In light of the outbreak of COVID-19, Netgigs is now, more than ever, a relevant way for live music to continue to be played to audiences across the world.

Ward says “The global music industry is taking, and will continue to take, a massive financial hit due to the Corona Virus for the foreseeable future. Tours and live shows are being cancelled and the economic impact this will have for artists and venues will be catastrophic.”

“Our ground-breaking service will be a major enabler for artists, allowing audiences to continue to experience live music performances from their lounge-rooms, or wherever they might be, using a mobile device.” He says.

In 2018 Netgigs was introduced to the music industry as a selected participant in the BIGTECH program at BIGSOUND. Being involved in the BIGTECH program opened the way for Netgigs to live stream shows like the Australian National Live Music Awards and other major gigs in Australia and Ireland. Netgigs are now looking to assist national and international bands to reach their fans throughout this time of uncertainty and help them to generate much needed income to ensure their future.

“We also want to help music industry workers through this economic downturn by donating a percentage of online ticket sales to organisations like Support Act, who are dedicated to providing support to artists, crew and other industry workers who are affected by the show cancellations” says Ward.

Netgigs have given the Artist back the power to make money from their gigs with a platform that means they can film and stream the shows no matter where they are direct to their fans. They have also negotiated music licensing with major international music rights agencies ensuring musicians receive royalties for every single Netgigs ticket sold.

IF you are in a label, booking agency, management, or in a band and want to find out more about Netgigs and how you can reach your fans, contact Joe and the Netgigs team via email at contact@netgigs.com






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LIR announces Gig at Whelan’s Of Wexford St, Dublin Feb 8th 2019

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Presents: LIR live at Whelan’s Of Wexford St, Dublin Feb 8th 2019

NETGIGS are proud to present Legendary Irish Band Lir live at Whelan’s of Wexford St, Dublin on Feb 8th. The show can be streamed from anywhere in the world in real-time on any internet device for just €10.

NETGIGS is a new online streaming platform that connects bands & live performers to their fans & audiences worldwide, in high definition video & audio quality on any internet connected device.

The band will perform their first album in its entirety (for the first time). Ex member David Hopkins will be flying in from the States especially for the performance. Special guest on the night will be Ken Rice, who played violin on the album tracks.

LIR‘s reputation as a legendary live act was built through concerts – in the capital particularly – that became unmissable for many.

Following the release of their debut album ‘Magico Magico‘ and the hit single ‘In a Day’, LIR signed to US label ‘WAR’ and based themselves in the States for a number of years, touring North America relentlessly with ‘Magico’ and the follow-up album ‘Nest’ to rave reviews across the USA. For more info on LIR: http://www.lirband.com/

In celebration of where it all began, they perform their debut in full, for their fans in Whelan’s this February, as well as fans worldwide who can tune in live on NETGIGS. To attend the show concert tickets available via lirband.com and Whelanslive.com.

NETGIGS Social Media Links: