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Knockanstockan engages over 500,000 people across social media platforms!

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Knockanstockan’s diverse musical line-up was accompanied by additional treats for festival fans this year despite the weather, featuring new collaborations, several international artists, spectacular new stage designs, new areas to explore, an array of art installations and endless performance art in many glorious forms.

Each new addition to the festival was a tasteful continuation to the KnockanStockan we know and love with additional features both complementing and elevating the festival’s remarkable reputation. And over the course of the weekend the stats saw over 500,000 music lovers across Twitter and Instagram revel in the excitement of a shared musical experience.

Press raved about the festival over the weekend too:

Overall, with music as diverse as its audience, Knockanstockan was a complete joy. No matter who and what you are, in the end, feeling free to be yourself is the most important thing. Seldom is this more apparent than at this beautiful little festival. We’ll be back! – HOTPRESS

Some even stated a hard obvious truth…. 😉

2019 will be remembered as a phenomenal year for fans of Irish music with so many genres showing substantial growth and development. Hype has been reverberating throughout the whole scene but too often these acts that are doing so well are overlooked by festival line-ups. This year, Knockanstockan is an exception to that rule with the entire line-up feeling like a homage to Irish growth.Boasting a line-up that incorporates the vast range of sounds on display in Ireland’s musical canon right now, Knockanstockan 2019 is admirable in its dedication to eclecticism and musical inclusivity and makes itself a fore-runner as one of the country’s best mid-sized festivals.– The Thin Air

With the reach and buzz over the weekend of the festival hitting over 500,000 across social platforms, it is a clear indication that the Irish Music Scene is as vibrant and epic as it’s ever been and that indeed Knockanstockan is as vital to delivering this message. But hey! Let us look back at some of our favourite Top 3 moments of Knockanstockan 2019!!

Mango X Mathaman delivered an incredible set that set the festival goers on top form!


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You’ve got to show me love @mangoxmathman @mangodassle 🤩🙌🏻🙌🏻

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BiCurious knock the socks off the crowds!


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Now that’s a show! @bicuriousbandofficial stage diving with guitar ! What an epic show and how the hell does a 2 piece make so much sound?!!

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But of our top three let’s give it up for Junior Brother!


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Junior Brother was so epic today 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

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