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MALACHY TUOHY Announces New SINGLE ‘Most Of The Time’ OUT 21 APRIL 2023

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Malachy Tuohy, vocalist and songwriter of the Riptide Movement, is set to release his debut solo album titled “I Cross This Universe” in June 2023. “Most of the Time” will be the first song to be released from the album and will be available to stream and download on all major platforms from April 21st 2023.

The Covid lockdown inspired Tuohy to embark on a new creative journey with “I Cross This Universe,” showcasing his impressive range as an artist and songwriter. The album features exceptional production by Gavin Glass and special guest performances from Albert Lee, Moya Brennan, Rachel Grace, Beth McNinch, and Paul Brennan.

“Most Of The Time” is the first song to be released from Tuohy’s debut album “I Cross This Universe”. It’s a heartfelt song that reflects on the complexity of self-expression, isolation, and disconnection. The song’s laidback feel, understated vocals, and soulful lyrics encapsulate the uncertainty of the time it was written. 

‘I wrote “Most of the time” during the covid lockdown. I wanted to write a song that reflected that feeling of uncertainty, isolation and disconnection, where everything is questioned and where our fears and insecurities are amplified.  I think it’s a song that everyone can relate to.’

Malachy Tuohy has earned international success and a gold-selling number 1 album with hit songs such as “All Works Out,” “Changeling,” and “Elephant in the Room” with his band, the Riptide Movement. “I Cross This Universe” showcases another side of his craft. The songs are intimate and stripped back, with an emphasis on the vocals and lyrics, making for an introspective personal sound.

“I’m buzzing to be releasing my debut solo album, ‘I Cross This Universe,’ and excited to share the first song, “Most of the time,” said Tuohy. “It’s been an incredible journey, and I’m grateful for all the support and collaborations from such talented musicians.”

The debut single “Most of the Time” is a must-listen for fans of soulful, heartfelt music and is a taste of what’s to come from his upcoming album “I Cross This Universe”. 


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