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Lorcan O’Rourke Gets Country on his upcoming Covers collection: “Live at The Ivory Sessions” EP: A Fusion of Country Storytelling and Rock Energy

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Irish Country Rock Artist Lorcan O’Rourke Releases “Live at The Ivory Sessions” EP: A Fusion of Country Storytelling and Rock Energy (Out May 31st)

Lorcan O’Rourke, hailing from the lush landscapes of Co. Offaly, emerges as a formidable force in the realm of country music, seamlessly blending the heartfelt essence of Country with the invigorating spirit of Rock. Influenced by revered musical icons such as The Eagles, The Travelling Wilburys, and Bruce Springsteen, Lorcan’s musical journey is a testament to the enduring allure of classic Americana infused with his own unique Irish charm.

At the tender age of 7, Lorcan embraced his first guitar strings, igniting a lifelong passion that has only deepened over time. Drawing from the rich storytelling traditions of Country music and the raw energy of Rock, Lorcan crafts compositions that weave a tapestry of profundity and allure, capturing the hearts and minds of audiences worldwide.

“Live at The Ivory Sessions” EP: A Showcase of Live Performance Mastery

Lorcan’s latest EP, “Live at The Ivory Sessions,” showcases his prowess as a performer, featuring four captivating cover tracks recorded live in the renowned Ivory Studio in Slane, Co Meath, Ireland. With a 4-piece band accompanying him, Lorcan delivers raw and authentic performances that resonate with emotion and energy. The recordings, captured in a single take without layering, provide an intimate glimpse into Lorcan’s musical artistry. The EP’s tracks, mixed and mastered by the esteemed Mark Cahill, include:

– “When it Rains It Pours” (originally by Luke Combs): Lorcan infuses this upbeat Country/Rock anthem with grit and passion, captivating audiences with its infectious energy.

– “Broken Halos” (originally by Chris Stapleton): Lorcan’s heartfelt rendition of this poignant song resonates deeply with its themes of loss and redemption, showcasing his emotive vocal delivery.

– “1, 2 Many” (originally by Luke Combs): Lorcan’s electrifying performance of this high-energy track radiates with infectious drive and enthusiasm, leaving listeners eager for more.

– “Travellin Soldier” (originally by The Dixie Chicks): With Cathal Guinan on the fiddle adding depth and emotion, Lorcan’s rendition of this timeless classic captivates with its haunting beauty and poignant storytelling.

Future Endeavours: What comes after the covers EP?

Looking ahead, Lorcan eagerly anticipates unveiling a new EP featuring original compositions that promise to captivate hearts and minds with their authenticity and charm. With a magnetic stage presence and a resume that includes sharing platforms with esteemed acts like Ruaile Buaile, Johnny Brady, and The Whistlin Donkeys, Lorcan continues to solidify his standing within the music community, leaving an indelible mark on the ever-evolving musical landscape.

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