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Lorcan O’Rourke Set To Release His Debut Single ‘Get Me Home’ July 26th

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Get Me Home by Lorcan O’Rourke


JULY, 2024, Emerging Talent Lorcan O’Rourke Poised to Make Waves in Country Folk Rock Music Scene with debut single ‘Get Me Home’ out July 26th 2024

Hailing from the lush, rolling hills of Co. Offaly, Ireland, Lorcan O’Rourke is swiftly becoming a compelling presence in the country music landscape. Blending the soulful essence of Country with the electrifying spirit of Rock, Lorcan’s sound pays homage to legends like The Eagles, The Travelling Wilburys, Shania Twain, The Chicks, and Bruce Springsteen, creating a perfect mix of nostalgic charm and contemporary energy.

Lorcan’s musical journey began at the tender age of 7, when he first strummed the strings of a guitar, sparking a passion that has only intensified over the years. His music, rich in storytelling and bursting with the raw energy of rock, crafts a captivating tapestry that deeply resonates with listeners.

Following the success of his covers EP “Live at The Ivory Sessions,” which showcased his exceptional talent through renditions of country hits like Luke Combs’ “When it Rains It Pours” and The Chicks’ “Travelin’ Soldier,” Lorcan is set to release his latest single, “Get Me Home,” this July. This release marks the beginning of Lorcan’s original music journey, where his remarkable songwriting abilities will shine, promising to capture hearts and minds with their genuine charm.

Lorcan’s live performances are nothing short of magnetic. He has shared the stage with notable acts such as Ruaile Buaile, Johnny Brady, and The Whistlin’ Donkeys, solidifying his reputation within the music community. Every chord and lyric from Lorcan further establishes his unique place in the ever-evolving musical landscape.



“Lorcan’s vocals provide a powerful centrepiece to it all, full of expression and swagger. They’re backed by some atmospheric instrumental arrangements and rich backing vocals, and as a listener I couldn’t help but be drawn in from the first few bars. 1, 2 Many proves a particularly lively highlight in a collection where there are no real lowlights.”


“With an irresistible stage presence and a collection of original compositions underway, Lorcan is set to continue mesmerising audiences with his genuine charisma.”


“Ladies and gentlemen, hold onto your Stetsons and kick off those cowboy boots because Lorcan O’Rourke is taking us on a wild ride through the emerald hills of Ireland with his latest EP, ‘Live At The Ivory Sessions.’”


“Dive into Lorcan O’Rourke’s musical odyssey across platforms like Spotify and lose yourself in the heart of Ireland’s rock and country fusion.”