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Netgigs Announces Exclusive Online Gig With Liam Ó Maonlaí from ‘Hothouse Flowers’ June 13th 2020

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Netgigs are pleased to announce an exclusive online streamed live gig with Liam Ó Maonlaí, a founding member of Hothouse Flowers on June 13th 2020! Join Liam as he takes you on a musical journey in an intimate setting, playing all your favourites from his catalogue of global hits.
Grab a glass of wine, cast the gig onto your tv, put it on the Bluetooth speaker system, join the live chat and relax in the comfort of your living room, while you enjoy Liam performing your favourite songs.
Liam’s foundation in music comes first from his Mother and Father.
Says Liam – ‘My mother’s people were all piano players. My father could make you cry with a song‘. 
Netgigs are thrilled to be the platform to host Liams exclusive online gig to his fans all over the world on June 13th at 8pm GMT for just €9.99. Link to purchase tickets here: https://netgigs.com/liam-o-maonlai
Liam found a path in life when he started playing the indigenous music of his home country. At the age of nine he found himself in different towns by virtue of the strength in his whistle and bodhrán playing and his style of singing known as ‘Sean Nós’.
His traditional music continues to take a place at the centre of his expression but he is a lover of blues, soul, gospel, country, punk rock and folk. All captured in his beautiful live performances. 
Liam continues: ‘Our style of singing is about taking the pain of the people, of your neighbours and yourself, and making beauty out of it to get you through. Blues is also this. I play to soothe myself first. When I reach that feeling, that feeling travels if it’s own will’
His solo shows reflect the fluctuations of time and change. The story evolves as the show moves and we travel back and forth in time and place. On his Netgigs live show Liam will also perform the Band’s greatest hits.
For more information see: www.netgigs.com & https://www.liamomaonlai.ie

Netgigs was established to assist artists through these uncertain economic times. Proceeds go directly to the artist and rights holders.


UK/Ireland – 13th June – 8pm

USA – Hawaii – 13th June – 10am

USA – Alaska – 13th June – 12pm

USA – Pacific – 13th June – 1pm

USA – Mountain – 13th June – 2pm

USA – Central – 13th June – 3pm

USA – Eastern – 13th June – 4pm

Australia – AEST – 14th June – 7am

Australia – ACST- 14th June – 6.30am

Australia – AWST – 14th June – 4am

New Zealand – 14th June – 9am

Link to purchase tickets here: https://netgigs.com/liam-o-maonlai