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Miranda McCarthy Announces New Single ‘New Days’ Out Feb 15th

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Miranda McCarthy’s songs are soulful and deeply stirring. Inspired by the wildness of West Cork, Ireland and a life in profound transformation, her indie folk songs are filled with evocative nature, imagery and memorable melodies. The songs are deeply entwined with the rugged geography of West Cork and images of the living landscape – it’s land, sea, mountains, plants and trees – run through every song, echoing a deep connection with nature that has fed Miranda throughout her life.


New Days emerged from a time of crisis and passion, and a fierce drive to express and explore the new self she discovered.

Born in London of Jewish and Irish heritage, as a child Miranda spent summers in West Cork, before moving there 21 years ago to live in a remote farmhouse. She spent nearly 2 decades growing a family and a garden with her husband. 4 children later she took one of her son’s cancelled guitar lessons and realised how much she had always wanted to play.

This was the start of a transformational journey….. she fell in love with her guitar teacher at the same time as falling in love with music and songwriting. And so began a potent mix- the awakening of creativity and sexuality. She had to learn to say yes to new identities and became a lesbian and a singer song writer.

The songs on Miranda McCarthy’s debut album New Days are her response to these changes. An outward expression of her inner journey, the loves and the losses, the altered relationships with family and lovers. The grief and the joy.

Writing New Days has been a painful and joyful reckoning, a process of truth-telling and authenticity. Underlying these songs is the necessity of being honest, the impossibility of hiding – a response to the urgent need to be fully alive in this new self.

And the courage to put it out there.

Nourished by the vibrant West Cork music scene, Miranda began to perform in local venues, stepping into her new identity. Her songs made a powerful impression on guitarist/producer Kenny Dread, who encouraged her to continue her journey into the recording studio and agreed to produce her full album debut. Recorded by Tony O’Flaherty (John Spillane/We Banjo 3) at his lakeside Sonas Recording studio, New Days features cellist Lea Miklody, pianist Susan McManamon of the Vespertine Quintet, and singer Alyanya Massey. Together they have coloured and deepened Miranda’s songs and singing in a powerful debut.

You can now follow Miranda’s brand new Facebook page here:


Maria Doyle Kennedy announces new self titled album out Nov 10th 2017

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Maria Doyle Kennedy announces the release date of self titled new album ‘Maria Doyle Kennedy’ out Nov 10th 2017.

Maria Doyle Kennedy has spent the past 5 years wandering the globe with her family preparing songs for the new album gigging constantly and filming cult TV show Orphan Black. The new album has just dropped over on spotify and gets it official release date across all digital platforms on Nov 10th 2017, on her own label Mermaid Records.

Maria has just collaborated with Feist & Jarvis Cocker on a video for the song *Century* from Feist’s new album. The project was a crazy mashup of Westside story and Thriller and featured Maria & Feist as dance-off gang leaders….

Maria writes and performs with husband Kieran Kennedy and along with the new album they have also completed their first short film *A Different Kind Of Day* written and directed by Maria, produced and scored by Kieran . They also raise 4 children together, although occasionally, when things are particularly frantic, they just throw packets of crisps at them.

The new album in Maria’s words:

Mostly the songs come from my efforts to explain the world to myself, a thing I sometimes find difficult or confusing . I don’t worry when I’m singing, more than that , I don’t think when I’m singing, I just sing. I trust the songs. They make things clearer for me.



Check out ‘Pride‘, released over the Summer from the album, which beckoned high acclaim from the likes of BBC radio and Rte:

New Single from Adela & The Meanits announced: ANDY out July 13th

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 Adela & The Meanits:

Single ‘Andy’ Ft. bonus track ‘Comic Book Dreams’ Out July 13th
+ The ‘Long road home’ tour of Ireland..
32 counties & 32 gigs in the month of August!

Adela & the Meanits are a band so red hot cool they must surely be illegal, or at least seriously frowned upon by squares. After a chance encounter on a St Patrick’s Day float in Portlaoise, Adela met drummer Ros O’ Meara. Then a member of several bands, Ros introduced Adela to Barry Hayes who in turn introduced everyone to John Davidson. Like peas in a far out pod… catapulted from years of abject obscurity in the Irish midlands… they soon became a group of four: Adela and the Meanits.

After making their powerfully memorable debut performance at Electric Picnic back in 2009, the band have since paid their dues and gigged the necessary venues and festivals in Ireland such as Indiependence, Knockinstockin, Helium, Blue Breeze, Milk, Happy Valley, Dublin City Soul Festival and more.

Their music has been likened to Madness, Sultans of Ping and Lily Allen, but comparisons aside their music contains refreshing elements of pop, folk & trash can jazz that when combined, somehow manage to have a mainstream appeal. With songs that are catchy as f*ck and musicianship that is so roasting hot it is hard to imagine this band staying under the radar for much longer. All four musicians are multi-instrumentalists and incorporate vocals, double bass, piano, ukulele, melodica, drums/percussion, nylon string guitar and violin with effects pedals into each live performance.

Set to release their debut album in August, single ‘Andy’ precedes just in time for this years summer festivals. The upcoming studio album has a definite left of centre pop sound. But for now, taster ‘Andy’ should boost interest surrounding the band in a speed like- is that a bird or a plane- manner.

GIGS: For their album release in August the band have decided to do 32 gigs in 32 counties in Ireland to celebrate the album, all the counties will be covered in the entire month of August! See: www.adelaandthemeanits.com for all updates!