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Miranda McCarthy Announces New Single ‘New Days’ Out Feb 15th

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Miranda McCarthy’s songs are soulful and deeply stirring. Inspired by the wildness of West Cork, Ireland and a life in profound transformation, her indie folk songs are filled with evocative nature, imagery and memorable melodies. The songs are deeply entwined with the rugged geography of West Cork and images of the living landscape – it’s land, sea, mountains, plants and trees – run through every song, echoing a deep connection with nature that has fed Miranda throughout her life.


New Days emerged from a time of crisis and passion, and a fierce drive to express and explore the new self she discovered.

Born in London of Jewish and Irish heritage, as a child Miranda spent summers in West Cork, before moving there 21 years ago to live in a remote farmhouse. She spent nearly 2 decades growing a family and a garden with her husband. 4 children later she took one of her son’s cancelled guitar lessons and realised how much she had always wanted to play.

This was the start of a transformational journey….. she fell in love with her guitar teacher at the same time as falling in love with music and songwriting. And so began a potent mix- the awakening of creativity and sexuality. She had to learn to say yes to new identities and became a lesbian and a singer song writer.

The songs on Miranda McCarthy’s debut album New Days are her response to these changes. An outward expression of her inner journey, the loves and the losses, the altered relationships with family and lovers. The grief and the joy.

Writing New Days has been a painful and joyful reckoning, a process of truth-telling and authenticity. Underlying these songs is the necessity of being honest, the impossibility of hiding – a response to the urgent need to be fully alive in this new self.

And the courage to put it out there.

Nourished by the vibrant West Cork music scene, Miranda began to perform in local venues, stepping into her new identity. Her songs made a powerful impression on guitarist/producer Kenny Dread, who encouraged her to continue her journey into the recording studio and agreed to produce her full album debut. Recorded by Tony O’Flaherty (John Spillane/We Banjo 3) at his lakeside Sonas Recording studio, New Days features cellist Lea Miklody, pianist Susan McManamon of the Vespertine Quintet, and singer Alyanya Massey. Together they have coloured and deepened Miranda’s songs and singing in a powerful debut.

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