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The SCOOP’s ‘Favourite Childhood Pic’ Campaign.

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SCOOP logoSCOOP are super delighted to announce their terrific new campaign, which is a very fun and cool, starting from tomorrow MAY 27th –  titled The SCOOP’s ‘Favourite Childhood Pic’ Campaign.

If you want to show your support and involvement in this, you can! By spreading the word via social media, you can join in on the fun! Dig up them old photos, embarrass yourselves -heck- embarrass your siblings and friends, you can blame us! 🙂

Read all about it below!

Monday 26.05.2014 To coincide with International Children’s Day on the 1st of June, The SCOOP Foundation is asking the public to get involved by sharing their ‘Favourite Childhood Pic’ online through social media.

All you need to do is find your favourite childhood photo and post it on Facebook with a mention to @scoop foundation, or Tweet @scoopfoundation.

The campaign begins on the 27th of May, implementing the following hastags; #memories, #childrensday, #scoop. Scoop are also looking for participants to nominate 4-5 of their friends, work colleagues, family, or followers to get involved. You can even post the hilarious or touching story behind it!

SCOOP will then combine all the best pics and stories on their website: www.scoopfoundation.com/childhoodpic

The aim of the campaign: is to show just how far we have all come since our childhood, and how different (or similar) we are today. On the 1st of June to celebrate ‘International Childrens Day’ SCOOP will compile all the best pictures, and stories on their website.

SCOOP anticipates many hilarious pictures and heart warming stories along the way. With 100 SCOOP members and 25 well known personalities already on board all that’s left is for you to get involved and make this ‘International Children’s Day’ and this campaign a memorable one.

 Who are SCOOP?

A registered charity in Ireland (CHY 18767) SCOOP are currently raising awareness and funds in order to build an Educational Centre & Organic Farm to help care for and educate the street children of Varanasi in Northern India.

Families swarm to the city in the hope of making a living from begging or through scavenging through rubbish dumps. A school and an education offer these children, and their families, new opportunities to break the poverty trap.