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Linda Em announces new single ‘Hey Baby’

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“Hey Baby” OUT March 30th 2018

Linda Em is a London based Irish singer-songwriter, wordsmith and clairvoyant mysticist. From classic Woodstock era songwriters to Jazz era greats and modern day luminaries, Linda draws from her influences an ethereal energy flow that is evident in voice and song. She has been described as a musical hybrid mix between Patti Smith, Patsy Cline & Beth Gibbons possessing the intoxicating nuances of Billie Holiday.

Her lyrical narrative is akin to that of authors, poets, playwrights and artists with a strong storytelling aspect. The subject matter of which runs the gamut from myths and legends, the inspirational figures she has known in her own life and the battered but noble occupants of the typical old pubs, townhouses and streets of Ireland and England with a strong cross cultural counterpart.

‘Hey Baby’ is a collaboration between Linda Em and Irish Artist and Writer Linda Coogan Byrne. Recorded and Produced by Gavin Glass in orphan Studios, Dublin, it was Mixed by Fergal Davis, and combines a classic 1950s big dramatic arrangement with a retro yet modern instrumentation to pay tribute to her influential mentors of the Jazz era.

“Hey Baby” showcases a singer who is more than comfortable in the spot light with her rich in atmosphere vocal delivery which draws the listener in further the more it builds. It is out March 30th 2018 across all digital platforms.

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