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Frank Kelly of Father Ted fame to release “Collected Sketches” as digital singles over Christmas.

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The wonderful Frank Kelly of Father Ted fame…. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frank_Kelly has collected 32 clips (between 4-8mins in length) of audio comedy sketches which were originally broadcast as The Glenabbey Show on RTÉ radio in the 80’s. They were hugely popular and came before Dermot Morgan’s Scrap Saturday etc. Furthermore, we’re delighted to announce the release of these sketches as digital singles throughout Dec through to early Jan on the following schedule below.
Most recently best known for his part as Father Jack Hackett in the hugely successful Channel 4 comedy Father Ted, Frank Kelly has been at the forefront of broadcasting, comedy and TV, film and theatre acting for over 40 years. Frank made an impressive start to his film career, appearing as a prison officer in the opening sequence of the iconic Michael Caine movie The Italian Job (1969). In addition to starring in RTÉ children’s series Wanderley Wagon for nearly 14 years, Frank also wrote scripts for many episodes, sowing the seeds of his future stint as an award winning comedy writer on the current affairs satirical comedy programme “Hall’s Pictorial Weekly” running throughout the 70’s.

Frank wrote a parody Christmas song in 1982 which would become a career highlight and be fondly remembered forever more. The song was called “Christmas Countdown”, a sketch loosely based on the “12 Days of Christmas” carol. It would reach the top 10 of the Irish charts and the top 30 in the UK charts the following year. An album of the same name was released featuring the song plus sketches from Frank’s weekday RTÉ Radio programme, The Glen Abbey Show. In 2010 Frank was cast in ITV’s Emmerdale, one of the UK’s most popular soaps. His role concluded after a year on the show.


Theatrical Costumes



Creative Urge

Public Stream Link_Public:

Life Ring: https://soundcloud.com/iml-crashed/frank-01?in=iml-crashed/sets/frank-kelly-the-glen-abbey/s-fJaw6



Ballykilferrit Towers

Festy’s Shannon Trip


The Bard of Wicklow

Rugby Match

Public Stream Link_Public:

Ballykilferrit Towers: https://soundcloud.com/iml-crashed/frank-06?in=iml-crashed/sets/frank-kelly-the-glen-abbey/s-fJaw6



Corruption Day

Dear Frank (Part 1)

Tractor Hire

Festy at Spring Show


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Corruption Day: https://soundcloud.com/iml-crashed/frank-11?in=iml-crashed/sets/frank-kelly-the-glen-abbey/s-fJaw6



Hawaii 5-0

Beauty Contest

Ayatulla Céilí Band

Enforced Tourism

Bookshop (Part 1)

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Hawaii 5-0: https://soundcloud.com/iml-crashed/frank-16?in=iml-crashed/sets/frank-kelly-the-glen-abbey/s-fJaw6

FRIDAY 3RD JANInterviewFeshty Veruka

Dear Frank (Part 2)

Sand Lorry

Origins of Rugby

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Interview: https://soundcloud.com/iml-crashed/frank-21?in=iml-crashed/sets/frank-kelly-the-glen-abbey/s-fJaw6



Feshty Paris


Garda Checkpoint

Gilhooley’s Christmas Drinks

Swine Festival

Festy in USA

Bookshop (Part 2)

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Feshty Paris: https://soundcloud.com/iml-crashed/frank-26?in=iml-crashed/sets/frank-kelly-the-glen-abbey/s-fJaw6

Christmas Countdown Stream Link_Public: https://soundcloud.com/iml-crashed/frank-kelly-christmas

Frank Kelly on iTunes: http://smarturl.it/frankkellyitunes