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First Day Lions Announce Brand New Single ‘She Might Even Smile’ Out April 24th

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‘I’d rather live one day a lion than a thousand days a lamb. We want to make music. We want to tell stories. And we want to take the listener on a journey they haven’t been on before.” – First Day Lions.

First Day Lions are a 5 piece indie-rock band with founders and childhood best friends Adrian Rabbitte & Adam Cunningham at the helm. Inspired by The Beatles, Queen and Pink Floyd, the Lions “capture their stories and tell them in fresh yet nostalgic ways, coming on like a new and intoxicating force onthe indie scene” – Hot Press Magazine.

The list of achievements continue to grow for the Lions. From supporting Irish music industry legends like‘Aslan’and Paddy Casey, featuring on RTE’s ‘Radio 1 Recommends’, to several electric write ups and growing a fast and amazing fan-base in their homeland of Ireland and across the globe.

The new Single ‘She Might Even Smile’ (April 24th) follows a woman who takes a chance to change her life, for what she hopes is the better. To get what she wants means leaving behind the comfort of what she knows, and diving into the unknown. After it all, she’s made her change, and even though smiling means letting her guard down, tonight she just might. So smile!

On Nov 1st of 2019 the Lions released their debut album ‘TIME’. Recognised and celebrated by music industry names across the country, and landing into the paws of Pride members around the world, ‘TIME’ continues to receive acclaim and traction, propelling the Lions even further into the forefront of the music scene. In these very trying times, 2020 will be the year of the Lion overcoming new obstacles, followed by the decade of the Lion. Come join the Pride!

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