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The Wiley Fox Bar & Kitchen Launch their signature Cocktail Range to much acclaim.

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Tuesday, March 28th 2017 seen the Wiley Fox launch its new range of ‘Signature Cocktails’ and ‘Tuesday Cocktail Club’ 2 for €10, in the intimate gathering of some of Ireland’s most highly regarded Food and Drinks elite.
Mixologist and Bar Manager extraordinaire Bodo, wowed the guests with his knowledge of Cocktails and their origin before proceeding to demonstrate 3 of his signature dishes to the esteemed guests finishing off with a show of his juggling cocktail skills. Twitter was lit up with compliments pouring in to The Wiley Fox who are putting Cocktails on the menu in the Northside of Dublin.
Ireland’s most highly regarded Food & Drinks elite were there and had many great things to say of their cocktails:



ABOUT THE WILEY FOX: Situated at Eden Quay, Dublin, The Wiley Fox is a pub with a lot of old style Retro Industrial charm that embraces a timeless feel – yet playfully emerges with the modernity of a city in constant evolution. Reaching as far back as the latter part of the 1700’s, No. 28 Eden Quay has housed many variations of the authentic Irish Public House before its current guise as The Wiley Fox.  It is noted to have withstood the chaotic times of 1916 and became a steadfast ‘go to’ place for many a Dubliner to get a good ‘sup. From the days of the old barge deliveries of Guinness Barrels via the River Liffey, to the moving with the changing of Dublin’s industrial times, to the more Cosmopolitan times of today – the premises have evolved with its City. And proudly at that.