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Northern Irish Celtic Rockers announce details of new album + Mandela Hall Gig

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Announce details of Brand new album
+ Mandela Hall Gig in Belfast Nov 13th

“More Power to your Elbow” is a phrase used by the Irish to convey their typically energetic enthusiasm for a job well done. It’s a full-blooded endorsement, which asks for more of the same…you can never have too much of a good thing. As it happens, “More Power to your Elbow” is also a name aptly chosen by the members of an eight piece Celtic Rock band from counties Tyrone, Armagh and Derry in the North of Ireland.

They could be variously defined, as a folk orchestra with a blazing array of electro-acoustic instruments or as full-on rockers, with driving drums and a dizzy rhythm and lead section. One thing is for sure, they will rattle your speakers because everything they do combines the inherent wizardry of Irish traditional with the musical muscle of rock.

More Power to Your Elbow are very well known to home audiences and they have an appreciative fan base in areas as diverse as the USA, France and Norway. To date the band have recorded two albums which have received critical acclaim. The current album “Until the Last Note Fades” takes their music in new and exciting directions. Recorded by legendary producer Mudd Wallace, “Until the Last Note Fades” is a powerhouse fusion of Irish /Scottish style music with rock, reggae and other cosmopolitan forms. The end result is a tantalising journey through the quirky songwriting of Gerry Cunningham and the sophisticated arrangements, compositions and reworkings contributed by all eight band members. It is a delight to hear and you won’t be able to sit still!!

More Power to your Elbow intend to bring their refreshing and energetic style to the widest audience possible and the new Album “Until the Last Note Fades” is just the way to do it! is an intriguing catalogue of original songs and sets which really do capture the essence of a musical message which is about creating powerful energy around the delicate demands of a tradition handed down through many generations.

They crank it up and roll it out in a very original way. By no means are they to be seen as your standard Celtic Rock band. Their arrangements and musicianship pay homage to the traditional art form with a great integrity, yet the material is fresh, energetic, highly enjoyable to listen to, but impossible to sit still to ….you will want to jump!

Catch them if you get the chance……..you can never have too much of a good thing.