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Adela & The Meanits announce details of their album KINDA WILD!!!

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Adela & the Meanits 

Album ‘Kinda Wild’ Out Oct 14th + Set to perform at giftedlive.com on Oct 4th Online Global gig. Taking place in Belfast Empire Music Hall.

After finishing up a momentous tour in August, Adela & the Meanits announce the release of their most eagerly awaited album ‘KINDA WILD’ (Oct 14th). Their tour dubbed ‘The Long Road Home Tour’ seen the band, in the space of 28 days, complete a 5000km tour that covered all 32 counties in Ireland with only 2 days off!

The band were amazed at the reception they received in diverse venues such as pubs, arts theatres, heritage/shopping centres, national and local festivals and even a church! They have fast become one of the most surprising live acts to grasp the attention of audiences in every nook and cranny of this island.  “If it has been undertaken before by an Irish band then it has been lost in the mists of time” (Irish Times).

The band formed after a chance encounter on a St Patrick’s Day float in Portlaoise, where Adela met drummer Ros O’ Meara. Ros introduced Adela to Barry Hayes who in turn introduced everyone to John Davidson. Like peas in a far out pod… catapulted from years of abject obscurity in the Irish midlands… they soon became a group of four: Adela and the Meanits.


Their music has been likened to Madness, Sultans of Ping and Lily Allen, but comparisons aside their music contains refreshing elements of pop, folk & trash can jazz that when combined, somehow manage to have a mainstream appeal. With songs that are catchy as f*ck and musicianship that is so roasting hot it is hard to imagine this band staying under the radar for much longer. All four musicians are multi-instrumentalists and incorporate vocals, double bass, piano, ukulele, melodica, drums/percussion, nylon string guitar and violin with effects pedals into each live performance.




Adela & the Meanits prepare for their 32 county tour in the month of August!!

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Quite possibly the quirkiest and coolest band’s hot-on-the-trot right now is Laois outfit Adela & The Meanits.

They have one week left as they prepare to venture off on their 32 county Tour of Ireland in the month of August on Their ‘Long Road Home Tour’. They will visit towns, pubs, venues, coffee houses and more on their journey, capturing the spirit and community of every town in Ireland. Along the way they will perform tracks from their new album ‘Kinda Wild’, and will also play some well loved Irish Classics.

Be sure to follow their progress over at Twitter/adelandthemeanits  as they travel through each county of the Nation playing a gig as they pass. Their album ‘Kinda Wild’ will be released in all record stores on Sept  28th. For more info check out their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Adelaandthemeanits