DSP, Marketing & Playlist Promo

As part of our freelance team here at Good Seed PR, we have a DSP, Marketing, and Playlist Promo expert to cater to our clients’ needs. 

Elaine McCann is a music consultant, mentor, campaign, and digital distribution manager with 15+ years of experience in the music industry at an international level.

Working within the digital distribution landscape, Elaine has in-depth experience working with bands and artists alike,
including some of the UK and Ireland’s most notable independent record labels (RubyWorks, Hozier, Irish Women In Harmony, Orla Gartland, Hudson Taylor, Wyvern Lingo, Lyra, David Keenan, Rodrigo Y Gabriella, and many more).

Elaine also has a vast knowledge of Canadian markets. She worked the festival and live circuit in Toronto for 5+ years, producing music industry showcases and networking events, with a high emphasis on marketing, management, and artist development.

Please see below for a full list of services provided, and if you would like to engage Elaine in working with you as a DSP provider and marketing expert, send your music in and contact us at demos@goodseedpr.com to enquire about these services:

Distribution Services:

Digital Distribution
We provide full-service digital distribution to DSPs via our partner. Full metadata and
asset delivery. We can also provide UPCs/ISRCs/lyric submissions to Spotify/Instagram
and more, UGC, Audio Fingerprinting. Full monthly reporting is available.DSP Audit to
ensure platform maximization.

DSP Audit
We take a deep dive into all platforms to identify areas of success and improvement.
This helps artists to fully utilise all of the features services have to offer.

Playlist pitching can be a hard slog for an artist. There is only so much that can be
expected from DSP pitching tools. We have a range of curator contacts that gets your
music in front of the right ears for playlist consideration. We also pitch to third-party
playlist influencers and retail curators.

Marketing Services:

Social Media
Social Media management is a crucial element of any campaign. We can assist you
with making yours the best it can be. For starters, we will conduct an audit of your
pages, followers, and overall presence. From there we take a deep dive into where we
can add value and how best to engage the desired audience. Whether that be new
potential fans or engaged active fans. We do everything from creating content to
managing Ad campaigns across the key platforms, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook,
Twitter, Youtube. All in keeping with the artists/brand tone and vibe.

In the world of digital advertising, Designing your branded message is only the
beginning of a successful campaign. Bringing that message to a targeted audience, on
the right platforms at the right time of day requires skill, insight, and extensive
experience. We can offer advertising solutions on all platforms. We can create a
bespoke advertising plan to cater to your budget, message, and audience.


Campaign Management
No one campaign is the same, therefore we create bespoke campaigns to deliver the
best representation for an artist or brand. We work closely with our clients to fully grasp their vision and how we can best deliver to reach the end goal. Overseeing projects from start to finish/post-campaign is essential to our work. Not everyone loves analytics, but we do! We provide post-campaign reporting and a wrap-up session to celebrate results.

Depending on what your needs and goals are, our team can facilitate you. Aside from
our in-house services, we also liaise with external partners and stakeholders for PR,
Radio, Sync, Booking Agents, Publishers, Rights Organisations, Music bodies,
Videographers, Press shoots, help with Grant writing etc.

Strategic Planning & Creative Direction
Whether you are at the start of a release campaign or going on tour in 6 months’ time,
we look at how best to execute and make the most of your endeavors with collaborative
strategic planning.


Content Creation
Bespoke and innovative content is a pivotal asset for any campaign. We work with
artists and brands to deliver compelling content that will not only engage with current
fans but also work toward audience growth and development. Content creation we can
assist with includes video creation, lyric videos, visualisers, packshots, posters, and more.