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USB Album, 1st of it’s kind!! & New Music review site!!!

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USB album & Music review site

1st USB album in Ireland…………

hi Guys and gals, in bands and doing their solo thing out there.

This may appeal to you! are putting together their 1st USB album in Ireland and are open to receiving your songs for consideration to be apart of this magnificent promotional tool for any artist out there looking to make waves.

But look I’m not going to chit chat here any longer than necessary !- if anyone is interested, you have to be SIGNED up to to avail of taken part and putting a track forward for the judges panel:

Alison Curtis – Today FM
Aoife Lanigan – Good Seed PR
Edison Waters – Vibe Music Management
Elvera Butler – Reekus Records
Jennie McCullough – Brused Fruit Promotions
Ken McGuire – Kilkenny Music
Noel Taylor
Ray Foley – Today FM
Rick O’Shea – 2FM
Roddy Cleere – WLRFM
Ron Healy – Irish Unsigned

This isn’t one of them, attempts at getting people to sign up so can make money, the guys love Independent music and want to, like us, make a difference and get Your music played to a wider audience. So don’t do the Irish thing and roll your eyes and th its a money spin. We want to make a difference and get your Independent music out their, and get listened to by the public!!!

For more Info/Details and comments, go to:

On Another matter , Be sure to check out our new blog, at

Thank you for your time,

Good Seed Ladies

Independent Era has arrived!

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Well done Glen and Marketa, a huge achievement for Independent Acts!!

The era is upon us now to make the change.

*If we merge together As a collective of Indie Musicians and Bands there are no barriers we can not cross!!

We feel that if musicians, as a collective, got together and worked with each other as opposed to against , they could achieve so much.

Our thought’s are to change or not so much change, but alter the mindsets of musicians into actually working with each other and supporting each other as opposed to feeling inferior or at a battle against each other. e.g: who is better than who…..and that crap…no no no………that is not the way to go or to think!!  It is our attempt to restructure the music scene in Ireland by creating a balance and mutual respect among musicians and bands, not fighting amongst each other to get better or higher.

Granted we are all climbing uphill to get higher up the ladder to success, but if there was someone in-front of you and behind you to catch your fall or watch your step, wouldn’t it be more fun and a better environment and climb!!

If you take a look at the early 60’s and 70’s, massive music collectives and bands toured extensively together and helped each other and created a whole bloody genre of music, and most importantly they did it together and all reaped the benefits. (Dylan, Jerry Lee Lewis, Joan Baez, The Band, Neil Young, Joni Mitchel etc etc

We feel that there is so much talent in the country today, that if they all put their heads together and toured helping each other out and building a major buzz about themselves and the music, that we could shift the collective mindsets of the general public to wanting to hear indie music on sound waves on the radio instead of what they are spoon-fed by the majors and those in power.

There is allot of work to be done still, but hey when there is a will there is a way.

Please feel free to leave any comments or thoughts here, all are welcome.!

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good to hear that..

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 Jo and the Flood are climbing the download charts. Nice one guys!! Keep buying the single!!-“Hey Jo”

Well done to Ham Sandwich, who feature on the Irish Music Scene Documentary, for getting the Hopeful Meteor Award!! big round of applause for you guys!! And don’t stop making the great sounds! Best of luck for the rest of the year! Check em out here.

The Flaws  play at the National Student Music Awards this year! be sure not to miss out on that!

Primrose are all set to release in April 2008!! “What you want to believe” their remarkable album will finally make its way to your ears!!!

The Blizzards also cleaned up at The Meteors receiving the best live act award!!

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Hiya Guys,

Whoa January and Feb have been incredible!

The documentary is still in editing and we will keep all posted on that as soon as we have any more newsies!!

Jo and the Flood have their single released this month and its getting wonderful airplay, so if you hear it over the waves, give em a shout !!

Primrose, ours boys have sorted a deal with Cargo recs and Distribution so well done Adrian, Darren, Kasper and co!

Aoife is another year older here at good seed so belated happy bday to her (o:

Johnny the man behind has a new edition to his family, Lil Jack boy, congrats to the Beirne family!!! more crew to add to the best digital site in the Country!!

Here Here!!

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Good Seed PR

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Hello and welcome to our New Site. Below you will find a bit of info about our Company, thanks for visiting!!

Good Seed Promotions is ideal for Artists who wish to take control of their careers and be apart of the business side of music as well as the creative. Our main goal is helping Artists and to gear them towards success, either to be signed to a major label or to go further into their careers as professional musicians and business minded professionals.

If taking control of your career is what you are interested in then by all means we will support you, help you and put our seal of approval on your Record / EP/ Single. Supporting OUR Artists is what we are about and guiding them to the next level.

We are now recruiting more acts and If this appeals to you then we should definitely talk. But hey while your here, stay awhile, put the kettle on and have a look about the site. It’s very new and there will be ongoing changes and alterations but you should get the general gist of it!

– Linda Coogan & Aoife Lanigan

Good Seed Records PR & Marketing

E: Linda linda[@]

E: Aoife goodseedrecs[@]

PH: 00 353 851659065

W: MS:

“Promoting Good Sturdy Growth”