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“One of the country’s leading pop prospects” – THE LINE OF BEST FITS

Irish pop star on the rise, KEHLI” – EUPHORIA

“‘Kehli wouldn’t feel hugely out of place on Mabel’s Ivy to Roses mixtape, Dua Lipa’s self-titled album or Mahalia’s Seasons EP ” – OFFICIAL CHARTS

After releasing her highly praised acoustic pop banger ‘Not Ok’ which went on to win notable mention in the International Songwriting Award in 2022, Irish pop starlet KEHLI now returns with this poptastic, LOSE U NOW, set to be released on March 2nd 2023.

Kehli comments:

“I am so excited that my first release of the year is Lose U Now. Kicking off 2023 with the energy of not wanting to lose the one person that makes you happy and makes you love being in love x I hope everyone enjoys this track and wants to play it on repeat!”

Originally from Dublin, Ireland, KEHLI is a 21year old vocalist and performer with a soulful, passionate, and unique interpretation of contemporary pop music. She spent her early years at stage school, where from age 5, she studied music and dance including contemporary, hip hop, and ballet.

Her evolving passion for music and performance encouraged 14-year-old KEHLI to try her hand on a couple of TV music shows (usual suspects The Voice/X Factor etc.) which, at such a tender age, provided invaluable experience and gained her a small cult online following.

It was this experience that led to an introduction with New York / London-based songwriter/producer, MSRD, who worked closely with KEHLI along with a few other key collaborators to create her sound.

KEHLI has been hotly tipped as ‘one to watch’ by the Official Charts UK, charted top #5 in 3 commercial charts as listed by Music Week, and, has received support from national radio stations including BBC Radio 1, Kiss FM, & RTE 2FM.

Her last single ‘Not OK’ received editorial playlist support from Spotify including New Music Friday UK and was featured on ‘New Pop UK’ for several weeks. It also was used in a nationwide campaign for the Irish charity, Pieta House to highlight awareness about mental health wellness in young adults.

In total, previous releases have received 14 editorial playlist adds including Pop Remix (3Million listeners) on Spotify. The tracks have been added to Apple Music’s New Music Daily, YouTube Music’s Pop Fresh, & Filtr UK’s New Music Weekly playlist, amassing over 1.5 million streams across all platforms and over 13 Million national radio impressions in Ireland alone. KEHLI has been featured in multiple mainstream press looks including Wonderland, Clash, Earmilk, Record of the Day, Irish Times & Hot Press Spotlight.

She made her national TV debut on The Late Late Show with Ryan Turbidy, where she sang with the IWIH (Irish Women in Harmony) group. Playing to crowds of over 4000 people at the likes Independence festival and Sea Sessions festival this year, KEHLI is putting finishing touches to her forthcoming music which is an urban-infused pop EP with edgy ear-catching tunes.

The future is on track to be an exciting one for KEHLI.



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Charles James & The Rise Announce New Single “The Elephants”

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Charles James & The Rise play ramblin’ atmospheric folk influenced by the sounds of early Americana, roots, and their home county of Donegal, Ireland.
Performing as a duo live they seek to expand their sound in the studio with the concept of The Rise. A variety of musicians are enlisted to explore all avenues with the songs.
Their debut EP ‘Long Way From Here’ was released in 2019, and garnered airplay across Ireland, Northern Ireland, and America.
The upcoming single “The Elephants” will be released in March with their debut album following in the Summer of 2023.
About the song/behind the lyrics –
The Elephants was inspired by the loss of my father in late 2020 and the journey that followed. The grief and hopelessness that follows an unexpected death is expressed throughout the song.
The weight of the elephant on your chest is depression and anxiety and the paralysis you can feel on an almost daily basis. Anybody listening to the song will hopefully recognise that we may all have our Elephant at different points in our lives but there is always hope and you are not alone.
Musical Influences –
Writing influences include Kris Kristofferson, Dylan, and John Prine as well as more
contemporary songwriters such as Jason Isbell, Damien Rice, and Brandi Carlile.
Musically the band is influenced by the Laurel Canyon sound of the 60s, the interwoven harmonies of Simon & Garfunkel as well as the idea of the old Irish kitchen sing-song.
Recorded: Blast Furnace Recording Studio, Derry
Producer: Orri McBrearty (Rosie Carney, Dark Tropics, Chanele McGuinness)
Mixed: Orri McBrearty
Mastered: Richard Dowling at WAV Mastering, Limerick


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Through its unique blend of fashion and technology, With Legacy is redefining the fashion industry and also reshaping how artists and bands connect with their fans. Customers are able to access exclusive events, private music playlists, and the stories behind the designs through QR code technology, which sets them apart from similar brands.

Volume 1, the brand’s first collection, demonstrates the brand’s commitment to quality, innovation, and collaboration. Each piece has a unique QR code that reveals the story behind the design, which was inspired by up-and-coming bands Blood Orange and Clean Cut Kid.

There is a strong theme of ‘struggle to strength’ in With Legacy’s Volume 1 collection, centred around pushing through difficult times to find one’s purpose. This story has taken inspiration from both Blood Orange and Clean Cut Kid.

It is not only stylish and comfortable but it is also made from eco-friendly materials, making it the perfect addition to anyone’s wardrobe. As well as being environmentally friendly, design and comfort is one of Legacy’s key differentiators, as they use only the finest fabrics to make their clothing. By doing so, they ensure that their customers receive high-quality items that will last for a long time.

“Creating a sustainable future is critical for the fashion industry, and at With Legacy, we understand the importance of responsible production practices. That’s why we ensure that every aspect of our production process is environmentally and ethically conscious. We want to show that it’s possible to create stylish, high-quality clothing that is also kind to the planet and our workers.” – George Wells David, Founder of With Legacy.

With Legacy fashion drops:

At With Legacy, we believe that every piece of clothing is a work of art, and we want to ensure that every customer receives a unique, one-of-a-kind experience. That’s why we assign a unique number to each item, provide a QR code that unlocks the story behind the design, and use only the highest quality materials in our production process. Our focus on quality and personalisation is what sets us apart, and we are excited to continue pushing the boundaries of fashion and technology.


At With Legacy, we have big plans to revolutionise the events business. It’s strange that at events, you buy your merchandise and only get to show it off after the event. With our technology, you can buy a t-shirt before an event, wear it, and gain more access to the event, and a week after the event, the QR code changes from a ticket to all the pictures and videos taken at the event. This is invaluable for the event and the consumer. In addition, this approach reduces waste on the environment as consumers no longer have to throw away their t-shirts after an event since it now contains an added value that they can continue to enjoy and share with others, making With Legacy’s approach a more sustainable and eco-friendly solution. We are pioneers in this sector and have been working for 3 years to make this a reality. It’s a massive game changer, and I believe it will transform the way we approach events, gigs, festivals, and merchandise. We are excited to be leading the way in this new frontier of event technology and are committed to continuing to innovate and give consumers more.

With Legacy’s team is made up of individuals with a passion for fashion, technology, music and innovation. 

George Wells David (Founder):

George Wells David began his career in sports where he honed his analytical and data analysis skills while scouting footballers for their commercial potential and talent performance levels. He spent eight years working at Arsenal and Chelsea, where he mentored young footballers on and off the pitch. After the lockdown period, George founded With Legacy, which seamlessly merges fashion and technology. He traveled to Singapore to test the technology and gather valuable data, which he used to release With Legacy’s first collection, Volume 1, in 2022. With a Nike collaboration set to be released in 2023, along with Volume 2, which will focus on iconic moments, George’s expertise in talent and marketing management and his passion for fashion and technology have enabled the creation of a unique brand. With Legacy’s success is a testament to George’s dedication to quality, innovation, and collaboration.

Board Members: The board made up of Matt Pywowar, Chris Jammer and Linda Coogan Byrne are always pushing the boundaries of what is possible and are always on the lookout for new and exciting opportunities to collaborate with other brands and individuals who share their values and vision.

Matt Pywowar is a dedicated fundraising professional with a strong commitment to ethical practices and positive social impact. In addition to his work as the Head of Fundraising at Football Beyond Borders and his previous roles at War Child UK, Matt is also a board member for With Legacy. In this position, he plays a crucial role in ensuring that the organisation operates ethically and makes a positive impact on the community. Matt’s experience and expertise in pushing forward positive change in communities make him an invaluable member of the With Legacy team. With his passion for social impact and dedication to ethical practices. 

Linda Coogan Byrne is a Music Industry Consultant and a campaigner for gender diversity and equality and is the managing director of Culture Change company Why Not Her?. Hailed as the woman who has retuned Irish and UK radio airplay towards gender parity, her Gender Disparity Data Reports focusing on the lack of diversity and gender parity across Radio in the UK and Ireland, has become one of the biggest equality movements in the music industry and has garnered over 220 million+ in audience reach,  leading the way for the music industry’s #WhyNotHer movement. Named as one of the Top 100 most influential women in Ireland (in 2021) who are choosing to challenge perceptions to change the world. Linda’s DEI role on the board maintains that diversity and equality will always be at the forefront of how With Legacy operates as a brand and team of people including it’s wider community. 

Chris Jammer is a highly skilled businessperson and as Head of Partnerships at Strawberries and Creem he has extensive experience in the festival industry. As a board member at With Legacy, Chris brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the organisation. He plays a key role in approving each drop and ensuring that the organisation’s QR codes and technology are suitable for the music industry. Chris has a deep understanding of the next generation and the latest trends in the industry, and his insights and advice are invaluable to With Legacy. With his passion for innovation and dedication to making a positive impact on the community.

‘Volume 2’ is With Legacy’s second collection, and it showcases some of the most iconic moments in history. Their collection begins with a collaboration with Nike, which focuses on the story of Socrates. Each piece of the collection will feature unique NFC and QR technology that immerses the customer in the story behind the design. The other stories will be released throughout the year.

George Wells David, the CEO of With Legacy comments: 

“It is more than just a brand; we are a global community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about fashion, technology, music and making a difference in order to create meaningful and impactful experiences for our customers. We are always open to collaborations and partnerships with brands and other creatives that share our values and vision in this exciting time of digitisation and innovation in these areas”.

Linda Coogan Byrne comments on her role on the Board:

“We can not only engage with our audience and offer unique experiences using this technology, but it also changes the way we think about merchandise. I’m excited to be part of an organisation that is committed to making a positive impact on the community with diversity and inclusion at the core. It is an honor for me to serve on the board of With Legacy, who utilises technology to drive innovation in our diverse community, such as the projects we are currently working on with Nike and Football Beyond Borders. I’m looking forward to seeing where this technology takes us in the future, and I believe it could revolutionise the way we do business and how fans and bands/arts connect”.

In summary, With Legacy is a brand that stands out for its unique blend of fashion and technology, the quality of its products, and the passion of its team. For more information on With Legacy and their Volume 1 and Volume 2 collections, visit their website at







Limerick Duo T.A Narrative Announce New Single ‘If I Was A Man’

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T.A Narrative are a duo from Limerick, Ireland composed of Tara and Anna. Together, both are inspired by their personal narratives, a love of art, literature, feminism, culture, and each other’s music, firmly maintaining their long-lasting musical partnership.

Drawing influences from post-punk, electronic, and sparkly pop music (from Fugazi to Carly Rae Jepsen), they have been described as having a charming abandon and a palpable sense of freedom and joy in the music that they create. ( . “Set to a sprawling synth soundscape, the pops and clicks and electronic hooks that fill the spectrum of T.A. Narrative meld with the intricate vocal interplay resulting in a lush listen from start to finish.” (

Commenting on the genesis of their new Single ‘IF I Was A Man’ Tara says:

“This track is challenging to sum up… It is a reflection of the struggles we still face as a society. Our rights are constantly progressing and regressing. It’s a way to mark and archive where we have come from. We can highlight what we have and haven’t achieved and what we can hope to strive for and celebrate in our future.

The fight goes on…”

The song ‘If I Was A Man’ is out on Friday, February 24th, and was Recorded and Produced in SASP studios by T.A. Narrative. Mixing and additional production by Ian Ring

Fin Furey Announces New Single ‘Fire & Blood’, Set To Be Released March 3rd

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A story-telling songwriter, Fin Furey explores a wide range of themes that represent the wavering tightrope of society in recent years; from protest and liberation to dark and difficult love and comical revelations of the cynical.

In his new EP, A Song Beyond The Grave (released in May), he showcases a variety of textures in his voice, starting with a velvety-smooth baritone that delivers epic power ballads to vocals soaring in boisterous folk idioms akin to that of the greats that came before him. Entwined with a commercial layer, his music is anecdotal and appealing to the mainstream.

The intimacy and personal nature of Fin Furey’s live performances blur the lines between a live concert and the intimacy of a late-night pub lock-in sing song. A dark sense of humour underpins his lyrics as he picks the melody from his guitar and shares his inspirations and storylines.

The unique sound of his music is a fusion of folk/blues and cinematic new-age traditional adult contemporary music with a mainstream appeal. His genesis is from a musical family, where the passion for the craft has been passed down through successive generations. Fin grew up “among anarchy and harmony”, describing how music “put food on the table and clothing on our backs”.

Fin comments on what folk music means to him:

“Folk music to me is a musical depiction of modern times. Society’s frustrations are channeled through a melody and a backing rhythm that gets your feet tapping and your body moving.

I found inspiration in songs like John Lennon – Imagine, Dylan’s – Masters of War , and even delving into the soul with songs like Nina Simone’s – Sinner man or Ray Charles – Georgia You’ve Been on My Mind. I’d have to mention reggae also, with Bob Marley’s – Concrete Jungle & Corner Stone.. to name a few”.

Growing up in the era he did, the access to music was endless and immediate. On the same playlist he’d have songs from incredible lyricists like Immortal Technique and Tupac Shakur, then brain-tingling orchestral arrangements from James Horner and Howard L. Shore , then onto some face-melting rhythms from Irish trad or Brazilian hand drumming to deep techno, rock, .. and the list is endless, and ever-evolving!

Above all, the music that hits hardest and has always resonated with Fin the most is the music he was raised with; ‘storytelling’ songs. Songs of a turning tide, from despair and heartache to triumphant liberation shared communally.

Fin continues:

“To me, that’s the greatest power of music, communal catharsis. It’s been said for generations in my family, “use music to bring people together, to heal, not to separate or create a divide”.

Two locations were used for the recording of Fire & Blood; one was a side room in the house of a friend in Portmarnock, Co Dublin (80’s music legend Peter Eades), and a caravan in Roscommon was used to record the strings separately.

This year will be a busy one for Fin Furey with the release of his highly anticipated single, Fire & Blood (Fri, March 3rd), followed by an EP in June and his debut album at the end of the year.

Social Media Links:

Linktree –

Website –

Instagram –

Youtube –

Spotify –

Breaking Tunes –


M.Sea Announces Double A: ‘I Let Go Of Everything’ Set To Be Released Feb 27th

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Mary Claire Woolley is a Cork-based multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter from Limerick who performs under the moniker of M.SEA . Her first performance was in 2012 at Bradleys Barrack St, since then she has played in reputable venues across Ireland including Coughlans, DeBarra’s of Clonakilty, Levis Corner House Ballydehob, Anseo Bar Camden St Dublin and Triskel Art Centre Cork City among many more gaining extensive playing experience.

Additionally, she has toured transatlantic in New York City, Brixton, and Ritzy in London. Wowing audiences wherever she appears with her intoxicating and alluring live performances and stage presence.

She has just released her new studio album, Midheaven, which is her third release so far. As an alchemist of words and music, the release of album number three holds special significance for the artist. As if summoning her inner crone and goddess energy, there is a certain arcana woven throughout the sonic landscape. This album demonstrates the artist’s ability to tap into her primal creative source.

Commenting on the course of the recording process M.Sea says:

“The pace I take musically is not one of any industry but the poetic and the divine.  God and the Goddess know me best… the Universe ..or energy of the source or whatever you call it or maybe you have no belief in that at all… I can see why ..and that’s the case for so many… and that makes sense to me also… I feel a knowing about it now that I no longer deny and I try to echo my experiences and the flow of energy in my music…

There is all the low-level.. low-vibrational bullshit we all go through, are part of, and reenact, even when we try not to… and yet…many of us claw our way back to love and the source of whatever artform we find harbour within… through all that would prove us wrong… through all the disenfranchised and bewildered inner children of all the adults we know wanting it to be one thing so that nothing then can matter…but the message of this record is that you do matter… love is real and music can heal.

It’s been a beautiful process spanning a decade with these songs… they have been created from a place of love and acceptance… the alchemy, the longing, the frustration, anger, grief, fun, love expression, healing ,,, honesty ..peace…”.

While her music has been described as freak folk, it is nuanced by a variety of influences, including Feist, Beth Orton, PJ Harvey, and Karen Dalton.

M.Sea is a poet, a wordsmith, and a healer. She may be one of the most well-kept secrets that you have never heard of, but one you should take notice of. ‘I Let Go Of Everything” is out Feb 27th. 

See: for more details. 

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Sam Segurado Announces New Single ‘JJ’

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Being raised Irish in Portugal and visiting Ireland as a Portuguese boy cast Segurado as a foreigner, never truly at home in either country. Constantly evolving into his troubadour state of mind, he then moved to Cambridge at 19 years of age, Paris at 20, Dublin at 24, and St Petersburg at 27, where life on the road became the natural progression for the artist. Guitars, poems, stories, and songs were to be his constant companions as he moved from one city to another, honing his craft and skill as a writer and performer.

It was in Dublin, which he calls home, where he truly cut his teeth on the live front, within its famous open mic scene. Afterward, he went on to make his first album, ‘Looking For The Fox’, which embodied the story of the vagrant. Segurado’s upcoming sophomore album, ‘The Remainder’, sees him exploring deeper inwards while reaching outwards to those closest to him, taking in the pain and the love and the fight that make humans strong. It also sees him shifting from indie folk to indie-rock/pop inclinations.

There is a very early recorded track on the long player that will be released as the first single titled ‘JJ’, which has a melancholic soundscape with touches of Indie Rock and Electronic influences. It is set to be released in February and will be the first track off the album.

Sam comments:

“I wrote this song for the women I know, and the women I don’t. It’s theirs now. An ode to the strength of women, to their experiences, a drop in the ocean of their pain”.

Sam’s childhood home’s garage in Portugal was the location where the recording of the album began in the summer of 2018 with Producer Stephen Lovatt.

Sam continues:

“My great friend and old bandmate James Knox flew in from the Scottish Borders for a weekend to record drums. That laid the foundation for the track, which Stephen and I then built on over the next couple of years, in between his own mental health struggles. We brought on Shane Becker (from Indian Run) to add some amazing finishing touches, who’s now the lead producer for the rest of the album”.

‘JJ’ is the first track taken from the album which was recorded in the Algarve, Dublin, and St Petersburg. It was produced, mixed, and mastered between Ireland and the USA. ‘JJ’ is available from 23/2/23 on all digital platforms.

samsegurado (@samsegurado) | TikTok 


Michelle Grimes Announces New Single ‘Never True’ Set For Release Feb 3rd

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Irish Pop singer and multi-instrumentalist Michelle Grimes returns in 2023 with a powerful vocal ballad ‘Never True’ which is set to be released in early Feb. It is her voice, panache, and Pop / R’n’B sensibility that instantly sets her apart from her musical peers. No stranger to the stage, Michelle has performed in Trafalgar Square to over 20,000 spectators as part of ‘Pride in London’, has sung for the King and Queen of Belgium as well as singing for The Taoiseach and the U.S Presidential party including a truly epic set at King Johns Castle in Limerick as part of the Denise Chaila crew last summer.

“Hailing from Limerick, Grimes has emerged as one of the country’s most promising pop acts of recent memory. After the release of her first batch of singles, Hotpress nominated Grimes alongside the likes of Dermot Kennedy and Denise Chaila for Irish artist of the year and one to watch. Michelle’s music has wowed Irish radio and she went straight onto playlists across the country from Fm104, Live95, LMFM, Corks 96, and C103 as their Select Irish Artist of the Month as well as gracing the airwaves across BBC (Track of the week), 2FM, Spin and many more.

Michelle smashed it at the overall International Radio Charts in Ireland landing on the Top 20 most-played Artists on Irish radio alongside Ariana, Joel Corry, Dermot Kennedy, Dua Lipa, and other stars. The track reached #3 in the breakers charts on Irish radio too.

With a sound that’s already been compared to the likes of Ariana Grande, Jessie J, and Dua Lipa, the Irish star-in-the-making blends elements of pop and R n’ B, in her feel-good music.

Link to Instagram:

Link to YouTube:

Imelda Kehoe Announces New Single ‘Ohio’ Set To Be Released Feb 10th 2023

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Imelda Kehoe is an Irish Contemporary Folk singer-songwriter who has created her own style, which is influenced by Folk, Blues, and with elements of Soul. Her songs are melody-rich, weaving a tapestry of stories, and life experiences written with the listener at heart and with a definite World music feel.

‘Ohio’ is the first release from Imelda’s forthcoming Album and brings the listener through America’s troubled past from the Indian War to the American Civil War, with lyrics that are relevant today.

Imelda comments on the song:

“Ohio was inspired by Sebastian Barry’s ‘Days Without End’ which I read in the summer of 2021. I fell in love with the story and his brilliant writing and I read it a few days whilst on holiday. Once I had finished it, I read it again. I love to write Songs that are inspired by human stories and have elements in them that everyone can relate to. 

I think it is the greatest compliment when someone says that a Song you wrote really connects with their own life story because that means that you’ve done something right in revealing enough of yourself to make it genuine but have focused on the listener’s experience, which is always my starting point. If someone is going to invest a few minutes of their precious time listening to my Song, I want it to be worth it.

The pre-chorus to Ohio is inspired by Barry’s reasoning for why they were good at Soldiering: “How we were able to see slaughter without flinching. Because we were nothing ourselves, to begin with,” This line inspired the Pre-Chorus of Ohio:

“By the Holy River wide, Do we live, or do we die?

We are nothing anyway.”

Other themes from the book that inspired Ohio were the savagery of the American Indian War, Starvation, Boredom, and the Economic devastation of the Civil war. Another significant theme is Identity. The main character, Thomas McNulty is more comfortable when he is dressed as a female and ultimately wants to be John Cole’s female wife, not his male lover. This inspired the lyric:

“If we could rebuild a life, Find a star too great for the sky. For a life not approved, what have we got to lose?”

Musically, Ohio is structured in the traditional folk style but with a contemporary edge, thanks to Larry Hogan’s production and the Lead Guitar played by Horacio Valdivieso, an Ecuadorian Guitar player, who I have worked with on a number of projects”.

The song is also reminiscent of Emmylou Harris Pancho and Lefty with a hint of The Eagles Tequila Sunrise and was produced by Irish producer, Larry Hogan.

It was written and inspired following several visits to Redbooks Independent Book shop in Wexford where Imelda spent many hours among the labyrinth of Second hand-books.

Ohio was recorded at Windmill Lane Studios and produced by Larry Hogan and Mastered by Michael Egan.

Editors Notes

From a big Irish/English family, spending most of her childhood moving around and living in beautiful locations, while her parents renovated old properties. There would always be gatherings, campfires, and music and she describes these early influences as shaping her love of good melody, nature, and travel, which is a recurring theme in her music.

Imelda trained as a Nurse and worked in inner City A&E and Intensive Care Departments and cites these experiences as being influential in her Song Writing.

Video: Recorded at Red Books, Independent Book shop, Wexford, with the kind permission of Wally O’Neill and was filmed by Roberto Forte.



Chris Kabs Announces MCD Show in Academy Dublin + New Single ‘Nobody’

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Known for his success as an influential award-winning (Virgin Media Gold Award) Dublin-based producer and musician, Chris Kabs has been hotly predicted to become one of Ireland’s most promising breakthrough artists in the near future. MCD just announced the Dublin joint headliner Chris Kabs X Loud Motive in Academy Dublin, Green Room, on April 22nd. Tickets are on sale now:

In addition to producing artists such as Tolü Makay, Coolio, and JyellowL, he has also produced many other artists of local and international repute. Additionally, he has contributed to the soundtrack for FIFA 20 and the TV series ‘Normal People’ to name only a few of his musical credits.

He has gained the credibility and recognition required for becoming a regular performer on shows such as Hard Working Class Heroes through his extensive experience as an artist. In addition to Longitude Festival, he has performed along with other talented artists at the legendary Dublin venue Whelan’s, RTE Live, SoundHouse, and Cyprus Avenue in addition to other venues.

Speaking on his new single, which will be released in Feb, Kabs commented: “My new single, Nobody, is about expressing love for a significant other. Remind him/her of their worth and how much they mean to each other… My purpose here is to give everyone an opportunity to use this song as a source of inspiration for their significant other(s). And hopefully, it’ll spice things up on their romantic journey the way music can.”

2023 draws a new chapter for Kabs as his focus is put on his own artistry and solo career, with new music and singles dropping from early 2023, starting off with single ‘Nobody’ set for Feb 10th release, exclusively via Rough Bones in the UK, ahead of his eagerly anticipated Ep in April 2023

Find out more and follow Chris Kabs on the platforms below:

Instagram / Facebook / Twitter   

Spotify / YouTube / Website


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