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Eleanor McEvoy Set To Release “Gimme Some Wine” on July 9th

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Irish chanteuse Eleanor McEvoy is set to release new single and after fifteen months in lockdown – “Gimme Some Wine” seems like as good a title as any!

Can’t think of a more apt title for a song to accompany the re- opening of life as we know it here in Ireland, where our lockdown was both the most intensive lockdown and the longest in duration. This song was actually the result of an experiment in “boundary crossing” between myself and the wonderful British artist Chris Gollon, but also pretty much nails my mood over the last year, from when I stepped off the stage in Melbourne Australia on 12 th March 2020 and returned home as we gradually retreated indoors.

Eleanor McEvoy is best known for her songs ‘Sophie’ and the Irish standard ‘Only A Woman’s Heart’. Now based in Wexford, Dublin-born McEvoy’s career originally started as a session musician, which included a long stint with The Irish National Symphony Orchestra and with The Mary Black Band McEvoy decided to develop her own career, and quickly had the title track on The Woman’s Heart compilation and a U.S. record deal with Geffen Records.

McEvoy was soon touring the world to promote her eponymous debut album for Geffen, which went on to sell 250,000 copies. At the same time, ‘A Woman’s Heart’ entered the Irish charts, selling over 750,000 copies – and remains one of Ireland’s biggest selling albums of all-time. These successes established McEvoy as one of Ireland’s biggest stars, launching a career that has since seen her release twelve studio albums and tour the world. Described by BBC Radio 2 as “one of the few artists who can do no wrong whatsoever”, the new single “Gimme Some Wine” drops on July 9th. 

A note on Chris Gollon from Eleanor McEvoy:
Some years ago, I wrote a song with Lloyd Cole entitled “Dreaming of Leaving”, I recorded it
for my album “Naked Music” and the song inspired the painting “Dreaming of Leaving” by
Chris Gollon. I loved the painting so much I wrote a song about it called “Gimme Some Wine”. I felt for the character in the painting “…drawn into this world, a fragment of a girl, with nothing but a sad song to my name”. This song in turn inspired a whole series of paintings by Chris which formed the “Gimme Some Wine” exhibition at IAP Fine Art, in Monmouth, March 2017. A month later, I was shocked when Chris Gollon passed away. It was a terrible loss, but he lives on in his work, in our hearts and in this song.

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Irish Singer-songwriter Padjo Announces Debut Single ‘Blunder’ Out July 23rd

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Upon learning of U2’s material as a young musician, Padjo became inspired and determined to make a difference in the world by performing rock songs. Exclaiming that ‘a catchy guitar riff from a lyrical masterpiece makes you feel you’re alive when you hear it’. It was that feeling Padjo wanted to capture in his own music and share with everyone.

Having grown up in the idyllic surroundings of County Clare, in the west of Ireland, he has written songs tirelessly since he was a teenager and has formed numerous bands throughout school and college where he studied in Galway. A city known for its nurturing of musical talent. Having honed his skillset, he decided he was going to give it everything in 2019 and began writing and recording, readying himself to share his tapestry of carefully crafted music by the means of a debut album. 

The timing was not great, but he believes the end result is testament to perseverance and the
essence of this shines through on the album. Citing major influences such as legendary guitar riff bands and artists like U2, Oasis, Bon Jovi, Chris Cornell, Bruce Springsteen and any artist who unapologetically sets out to impact the world by telling their story.

‘Blunder’ is Padjos debut offering:

The idea for the song had been in my head for probably 5 / 6 years. It took a while for me to muster up the conviction to record it and get it out into the world. The song pretty much sums a period of time for me as a teenager / young adult where I had no clue what I was doing with my life. Every day was a mystery and every day had the potential for chaos (and a few Blunders of which there were no shortage!). I was living one day at a time and having a ball.

I didn’t have a bob to my name and every move I made was closely followed by my auld lad shaking his head in disbelief. I feel like everybody will be able to relate to that in some capacity! It is a feel good track that brings me back to those care free summer days which everybody is longing for after a tough year in hibernation.

It is Padjo’s hope that the track that can lift the nation as we progress out of the pandemic.
The track is a sign of things to come – High Energy , Rocking tunes – as the balance of Padjo’s debut album is nearing completion. Set for release on July 23rd 2021. 

Written by Patrick Dolan
Performed by Patrick Dolan
Produced by Cian Boylan and Conor Brady
Mixed by Cian Boylan and Conor Brady
Mastered by Ruadhrí Cushnan
Recorded, Mixed, Mastered in Camden Recording Studios, Dublin

Patrick Dolan (Acoustic Guitar and Vocals)
Cian Boylan (Piano, Vox Organ, Keyboards, Programming)
Conor Brady (Guitars)
Dave Hingerty (Drums)
Robbie Malone (Electric Bass)

Online Links:

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Monsieur Pompier’s Travelling Freakshow Set To Release Long Player ‘Teatime Terrors’ on July 16th.

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Monsieur Pompier’s Travelling Freakshow is a troupe like no other. A nightmarish cabaret steeped in the surreal, Monsieur Pompier makes music about inside-out cats, hedgehog swallowers and devious doctors. Inspired equally by Stephen King, folk horror and 80s B-movie soundtracks as it was by eccentric music acts like The Residents, Sparks and Devo, Teatime Terrors falls into a strange musical crevice between bizarro pop opera, a demented audiobook and downright bonkers synth punk chaos.

Having existed primarily as a live entity since 2017, the Travelling Freakshow toured Europe extensively with their extremely unique live show which incorporates immersive performance art, audience participation and a litany of bizarre and beguiling costumes and masks depicting the characters in the songs.

The group’s visual chaos is underpinned by Monsieur Pompier’s manic music and storytelling approach to songwriting. Idiosyncratic lyrics flank earworm melodies and whirling organ riffs creating an overall effect which baffles and beguiles in equal measure. In addition to his Freakshow endeavours, Monsieur Pompier also curates theatrical events in Ireland, made a cameo in the popular Nintendo game Darkside Detective and in his spare time grows and pickles Pompier branded gherkins.

Monsieur Pompier’s Travelling Freakshow signed to legendary US label Cleopatra Records in early 2021 and their debut album Teatime Terrors is available to purchase both digitally and on limited edition 12 inch vinyl from July 16th.

Across the ten tracks of Teatime Terrors we are introduced to a different character on each song. The album opens with Banana Boy, a song about an unruly scamp who grows a banana in place of his fingers every time that he does something naughty.

This is followed by The Crabbit, whose titular character, a half crab, half rabbit hybrid appears when a person succumbs to alcoholism. Subjects such as superstition and mythology are tackled on The Ear Fairy, a whirling waltz about a fantastical fairy who cleans our ears every night, taking the wax home to build lifelike sculptures of his victims. The high tempo organ driven mania of The Hedgehog Swallower questions the perils of stardom and celebrity culture.

Doctor Moogle debates the dangers of googling potential ailments and trusting what one reads on the Internet whilst the synthesized chaos of Micky Mould is concerned with conspiracy theories and what happens when misinformation about a virus can spiral out of control. The album closes with Sally Shortcake, a woman crafted in cake, created by a lonely man who finds a mysterious recipe for his dream partner who he then bakes, touching on subjects such as Internet algorithms and online dating.


Bandcamp Pre-order for vinyl and digital








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Cherry Dragon Offers a Message of Hope on new Soul-pop Gem ‘Starlight’ Out 11th June

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London based Cherry Dragon is continuing to make her mark with the raw and pensive new track ‘Starlight’. Following on from her previous track ‘Altar’, Cherry Dragon deftly blends understated melodies over an emotional vocal delivery. 

She says: “I noticed so many people were struggling because they didn’t have the job or the relationship or the house they feel that they are ‘supposed to have’. It’s easy to fall for the pressure that society can project on to us but really its our lives and we only have the one. I decided I’m gonna live it how I want to.”

Cherry Dragon’s first single ‘Altar’ was a subtle blend of Nina Simone’s ‘Sinnerman’ with a hint of Afrobeat. It swarms with a contagious energy right from the minute you hear those background vocals come in.” Released in January ‘Altar’ was used on the second season of the Apple TV show Dickinson. The journey continues for Cherry Dragon with the release of her second single ‘Starlight’. Produced by Utters (Chronixx, Maverick Sabre) in London it’s a song ‘written about carving out your own path to walk’.

Cherry Dragon
is Irish – Nigerian and infuses her heritage colourfully throughout her music. With an absent father and a mother who brought her through four different religions by the time she was 7, it’s clear why there is such emotion in Cherry Dragon’s music.

“My experiences have always influenced me as a person and as an artist, they are sewn into who I am. Growing up in Ireland no one looked like me at the time, I felt being different was a bad thing. It took a bit of time but I’ve learned to be grateful for my differences and I look for that in music too. My playlists range from Dorothy Ashby an amazing jazz artist right through to Khruangbin, Sylvan Esso, Kendrick Lamar to classical composer Max Richter”.

“In a way, Cherry Dragon for me is a celebration of being different, being human. Life is messy and emotions paint the pictures we make. I would like people to feel a sense of relief and empowerment at the same time when they listen to my music “

After strong online support for ‘Altar’ from Atwood, Fame, Girls Are Awesome, Neon Music and Songwriting Magazine and radio support from both BBC Local and BBC National Radio and Amazing Radio, ‘Starlight’ is poised to take things to the next level for Cherry Dragon when its released on June 11th.


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PapaRua Set To Release New Single ‘Get Back To Me’ on June 25th

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PapaRua has just announced new single ‘GBTM’ (Get Back To Me) which is due to be released on June 25th. Hailing from Dublin, Ireland. PapaRua draws influences from Jamiroquai, Jack Johnson, Charlie Puth, Jason Mraz and Bruno Mars. Not fitting into any one specific genre, the artist fuses Pop sensibilities with the smoothness of RnB Soul and NuFolk creating a sonic hybrid that appeals to the repeat button on the new ‘GBTM’ single out this Summer. 
PapaRua, also a multiinstrumentalist, is a largely solo affair, featuring a handful of musical collaborators on his new music. Exploring themes ranging from toxic masculinity, friendship, allyship, loneliness, burnout and hope in a vulnerable open fashion.
Make sure you subscribe to PapaRua’s Spotify Page and stay up to date and follow the journey. It is a vast tapestry of tales interwoven into song and music on his EP “103” which will be released later in the year. 

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Multi-international Award-Winning Singer-Songwriter Barry Tierney Announces New Single ‘Rosie Ale of England’.

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Multi-international award winning singer-songwriter Barry Tierney is set to release a new single ‘Rosie Ale of England’. The Kinsale, Co Cork troubadour hails from a prestigious musical family on his mother’s side which includes several professors of music and Vincent Dowling, the late artistic director of The Abbey Theatre as well as a paternal connection to Finbar Wright the internationally renowned tenor.  Barry’s unique singing voice and writing style are distinctly Irish and have gained him fans at home and abroad. 

Described by Christy Moore as “A singer that should be heard”, Barry has been presented songwriting awards by such names as Robin Gibbs of The Bee Gees and Bob Geldof of the Boomtown Rats as well as Jimmy Deenihan, the Irish Minister of Arts at the time after winning the IMRO sponsored Sean McCarthy writing festival award.

Barry topped the Irish iTunes Charts in 2014 with his critically acclaimed album ‘Hotel Alamar’ which led to him signing a lifetime publishing deal with Universal Music Berlin. Barry has toured Russia, UK, Germany and the US and has toured 6 months a year Internationally since 2014. In 2021 Barry will be releasing his second studio album. ‘Rosie Ale of England’ will be the first single from the new album and will be out on Fri June 25th 2021. 

Check Barry out on his social media channels below and follow him: 



Smith OJ Set To Release Summer Pop Anthem “Give Me Your All” May 28th

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19 year old Smith OJ, hails from Limerick, Ireland. Smith’s first two singles “The Way I’m Feeling” and “Crime” went straight to No.1 on the Irish iTunes Charts.
His most recent single “Didn’t Know Your Deal” was featured as a Track Of The Week on RTE2FM. Following up the hype, the brand new single ‘Give Me Your All’ has just been announced.
“I’m an artist with Pop sensibilities with a bit of R&B/Soul thrown into the mix, whenever suits. Music shouldn’t be linear. I love to implicate the elements of 70s/80s/90s Pop/Dance into my music so people of all ages can enjoy it.
My inspirations and musicality come from listening to artists such as Charlie Puth and Bruno Mars. I use my past experiences to write the narratives of my songs as I believe it’s the best way to tell a story; a story I hope will inspire others.
We have all had a tough year with Covid and as we look towards some semblance of the world reopening again, ‘Give Me Your All’ conveys the energy of just going for it with all you’ve got this time round.”
Cover Artwork of New single:
Follow Smith Oj on his socials below.

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Christian Wethered To Release ‘La Madeleine’, a Loud, Nick Cave-esque Song About Loss On 10th May.

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Christian Wethered [pron. Wether-Red] is an Irish based poet and songwriter based in Dublin. His forthcoming album ‘Mon Petit Jardin’ is due in 2021.

He has recently featured on RTE1, TodayFM and Midlands 103, and has also played at Ruby Sessions, Electric Picnic, First Fortnight and Hot Press Online (Y&E). In poetry he just won the Melita Hume Prize, and his first full collection is due next year.

Christian Wethered. Copyright Miguel Ruiz.

His new single ‘La Madeleine’ is a loud, Nick Cave-esque song about loss. But it’s also about nothing at all: long absences and empty spaces. It is the album’s fourth and final single, and will also have a music video, both of which are due on 10th May.

Since his student days, Wethered has collaborated with a number of prestigious Irish acts such as Loah, I Have A Tribe, Little Green Cars, Danny Forde, Trinity Orchestra and Zaska. He’s also in the Discovery Gospel Choir, who play a number of festivals around the country. His debut poetry book, ‘I Don’t Love You’, was shortlisted for the Melita Hume Prize in 2018. He has performed at Electric Picnic three times, and recently played at The Ruby Sessions.

For more information on Christian, check out his website and is socials below 

Twitter // Spotify // Website // Instagram 

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Hannah Kathleen Releases New Single ‘Missing U’

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Hannah Kathleen is a trailblazing 23 year old singer/songwriter and entrepreneur. The Dublin beauty is an artist whose very essence is based on a dynamic spark of creativity that permeates every area of her life, but seldom does it shine brighter than when she’s on stage or in studio doing what she loves – music. 

Citing musical influences such as Whitney, Mariah, Ariana and Christina, Hannah’s voice is a fusion of vocal runs, that rise and soar with perfect, lush harmony-laden Pop sensibilities akin to the 90’s and indeed 00’s Pop divas. In new single ‘Missing U’, Hannah channels the subtle tones of Janet Jackson and Ariana Grande.

“Missing U’ is out now across all streaming platforms. This is a reflective romantic track, recorded remotely in Dublin due to the global situation, it’s a collaboration between Hannah Kathleen and German producer, SVRN.

The lyrics are particularly relevant to couples who have been missing/are missing each other due to COVID-19 lockdowns. It reminisces on better times with the hopes for a better future. It also features a cute reference to one of the most famous (and my fav) romantic movies of recent years, “The Notebook”!

Whether in Ireland or around the world (she is currently based in Norway), music is a universal language and Hannah Kathleen speaks it fluently. Music has always been her first love. As a performer she’s playful yet fierce, and her confidence, coupled with her authenticity, is what truly connects her with her audiences.

She’s young but already making waves, having performed not once, but twice, on Sir Richard Branson’s private island, Necker Island, in December 2018 & 2019, to guests including tennis legends Rod Laver & Martina Navratilova, as well as Sir Richard Branson himself. She has over 100,000 followers on Instagram, her word of mouth endorsement’s within the entertainment industry echoing across her social media.

Following her placement as a Miss Universe Ireland finalist in 2017 & 2018, she was invited back as a featured performer at the Miss Universe Ireland Final 2019 Show, as well as the famous ‘Blondwiesn’ Oktoberfest celebrations in Munich. She has been requested at a number of high profile events in 2020, in locations including Las Vegas but due to Covid, this had to be postponed. Now, Hannah resides next to a fjord in Norway where she has been writing and recording new music while the music industry eagerly awaits its reopening. 

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Covid Discount To Stay Until Lockdown Ends At Good Seed PR.

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With Covid lockdown still hindering many people and creatives in the music sector, we are proud to announce that we will maintain our 30% Covid Discount offer to new clients. 

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