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Celtic Woman’s Megan Ruby Announces Solo Debut Single ‘Maybe’ Out Nov 5th

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Critically acclaimed classical artist Megan Ruby, of Celtic Woman, is set to show the world that she can also create the perfect Pop music in her debut music release ‘Maybe’. The 24 year old began singing lessons at age 8 and moved on to classical training at the age of 13. Going on to graduate from the Royal Irish Academy of Music in both classical and musical theatre. At the age 17, she won The Soloist competition with the Cross-boarder Orchestra of Ireland which led her to perform in venues all around Ireland and even Carnegie Hall in New York. On returning home to Ireland, Megan performed for two years with the orchestra as a soloist and featured artist in their annual Peace Proms tour.

In 2016 she was offered a scholarship to attend the Royal Academy of Music in London where she studied under Kathleen Livingston before going on to join the world renowned group Celtic Woman where she spent 2 years touring the world in prestigious venues like Red Rocks in Colorado and the London Palladium along with the Odyssey Complex in Belfast, as well as multiple venues in Dublin: Royal Dublin Society, National Concert Hall, The Helix, Bord Gáis Energy Theatre, and the National Convention Centre. During her time in Celtic Woman she went to Real World Studios (Peter Gabriels studio in the UK) to create their album, Ancient Land (2018).

It wasn’t until Covid came that it alowed Megan the opportunity to work on her own solo original material, something the young artist had always wanted to do.
I have always loved writing but never had the time to put my all into it. This past year gave me the perfect opportunity to finally do that. I started working with producer Daniel de Burke in March on my solo EP and together we’ve created something that I’m so proud of. This single is my first solo single release and I feel like this is my most authentic self.
Citing incluences such Adele, Olivia Rodrigo, Sara Bareilles, Jorja Smith, HER and Harry Styles, Megan showecases her stunning pop sensibility laden vocals on new single ‘Maybe’ which is scheduled for wolrdwide reelase on Nov 5th 2021. Delving into the story behind the lyrics of her debut single Megan comments:

I wrote this song for my Aunty and Uncle. My uncle died very suddenly last year and because of Covid my Aunty never got to say goodbye properly. They were together nearly 30 years and were best friends. This song is all about never truly having to say goodbye because we get to see the people we lose in our dreams. These dreams become so special as It’s a time were you can make new memories and speak to your loved ones again.

‘Maybe’ was produced by Daniel de Burke and echoes the pop sensibilities of many of Megans modern luminaries. The future is bright for this multi-faceted young artist. 

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AIS Announces New EP ‘Freedom’ + Radio Single ‘ Glitter Gold’ set for release Oct 29th. 

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Irish-Ghanian singer-songwriter AIS has just announced her new EP titled ‘Freedom’ set to be released Oct 29th. Using elements of Pop, Soul, and R&B, the EP boasts a collection of unique and catchy songs such as the new Single ‘Glitter Gold’, that has radio hit emanating from it as it begs for the repeat button.

Written and recorded during covid, the EP follows the artist’s journey of adjusting to a changing world.  The EP follows on from the singles ‘Move My Feet Again’ and  ‘Labels’ that  received airplay support from Regional radio aswell as the top UK and Irish radio stations such as Radio on RTE Radio 1 and BBC Radio 1.

For the past two years, there have been so many changes that we almost feel like we have to do better and be better. The songs across the EP examine the introspection so many of us are experiencing as well as highlighting the freedoms we take for granted.

On the single Glitter Gold, I just wanted to remind people to feel good about who they are, without them having to feel that they have to reinvent themselves. Self-love is the best kind of love! And when you are at peace with your creative self you shine and make it glitter gold! – AIS

AIS draws many of her songwriting inspirations from her experiences growing up bi-racial in a predominantly white society, where self-love and self-worth along with being true to yourself set the precipice of the lyrical narrative within her music. Musical influences come from Rhianna, Billie Eilish and Lauren Hill. ‘Freedom’ is available across all digital platforms from Oct 29th. 

Editors notes: AIS studied Music and English at Maynooth University until she graduated in 2018. Since her teens, she has been performing in the Dublin music scene, as well as at many venues across Ireland including Electric Picnic, three times. The EP was Produced by Greg Malocca in EgoBoo Studios, Dublin, Ireland. The recordings were supported through funding from the Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sports and Media as administered via the Music Industry Stimulus Package 2020.

Social Media Links:

Instagram: officialaismusic

Facebook: officialAISmusic

Twitter: MusicAIS2020


Tiktok: officialaismusic


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New Music Announced by Trad Folk Group Billow Wood ‘If You Come Back’ feat. Séamus Ó Flatharta Out Oct 23rd

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Billow Wood are a male/female Irish band who fuse their unique brand of instrumentation with multi-vocals and harmonies. Taking inspiration from Irish folk melodies and modern contemporary rhythms, they are creating their own unique sound. For their new single ‘If You Come Back’, they have teamed up with Séamus Ó Flatharta to create this amazing blend of old Ireland meets new Ireland.

Seamus is a gifted Sean Nos singer, and together with the rich folk sounds of Billow Wood, they have created something fresh and new. The marriage of English and Irish has created an altogether raw and rugged feel on a song that sheds light on a familiar topic, “mans relationship with the Earth”. If You Come Back was written especially for this project by the talented Niall McCabe based on Clare Island, Co. Mayo.

Working together with Billow Wood they have created a rhythm driven anthem which encapsulates the raw emotion for the struggle to keep our earth alive. The song tells us of how we have “messed up” the relationship with our environment, and make us question our ability to sustain a healthy and thriving world. “But If you come back, would we just do the same again”.

Now more than ever we are aware of the effects modern humans are having on the earth and the environment with rising temperatures and sea levels. If You Come Back was mixed and mastered by Alex Browick, and he has created an other worldly sounding production.

‘If You Come Back’ is out Oct 23rd on all digital platforms. 

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Web Page:





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Eleanor McEvoy Announces The Release Of Her 16th Album ‘Gimme Some Wine’ On Oct 15th 2021

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On this, her sixteenth album, the music is both nostalgic and contemporary. Older genres of music – music hall, post-war, 50s, 60s styles are combined with fragments of Spanish, Jazz, Mexican, classical, Russian and folk music and then juxtaposed with contemporary drums, bass, or drum loops to form something that feels both entirely new and utterly familiar.

Thematically, there’s a sense of combining polar opposites. Being back in Dublin, but looking
globally. Savouring and embracing solitude, but relishing the company of friends. Reflecting on the past whilst anticipating the future. These themes are reflected throughout almost all the songs on the album.

“GIMME SOME WINE” was mostly written and recorded during lockdown – it is no surprise that the title of this album is “Gimme Some Wine”. The title track ‘Gimme Some Wine’ is dedicated to British artist Chris Gollon, Eleanor’s artistic collaborator who passed away suddenly in 2017. ‘South Anne Street’ sets the scene for a song about meeting an ex at the corner of South Anne St and Grafton St. on a Tuesday afternoon and ending up in McDaid’s Pub. It is both absolutely specific and utterly universal.

‘Scarlet Angels’ was inspired by the recent ‘A Woman’s Heart Orchestrated’ concerts with the
RTE Concert Orchestra where McEvoy, Wallis Bird and Maura O’Connell all wore red on
stage. A bit like the album as a whole, the song is a homage to the healing power of friends and music.

‘Almost Beautiful’, a co-write with (ex The Beautiful South guitarist and songwriter) Dave
Rotheray, describes the mental decline of a loved one. Rotheray is quoted as saying “We went to the pub after writing that one” ‘Found Out By Fate’ (co-written with Paul Brady) is a savage indictment on a cheating partner.

Having herself had some wine at this point, McEvoy’s own quote on this one is to “Think twice
before cheating on a songwriter”. Through this fusion of bygone and modern, established and innovative, McEvoy creates something totally fresh but with a taste of the
familiar…with, perhaps, a glass of red on the side.

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Dave Sullivan Announces New Single “Started Again”.

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Dave Sullivan grew up in Killarney Co Kerry in a house where music was ever-present. His Father was in various trad and contemporary Irish cover bands so he was exposed to a wide spectrum of artists ranging from Christy Moore and the Dubliners to Kenny Rogers and Elvis from a very young age.

Dave recalls playing vinyl records on an old Sharp Hi-Fi  system which he discovered also had a microphone –

“I would set the record to play and sing along at the same time, recording my voice on the cassette section – it was my first attempt at mixing but I didn’t know it at the time.”

He began learning and playing keyboard in primary school and wrote his first “song” on keyboards around the age of 8.

“Dad would let me come up and play songs at his gigs sometimes – from then I was hooked on live music. Later Dad needed a bass player so I bought an old Fender Precision with money I had saved, learned some groves and off we went gigging in pubs around Munster.” 

Around that same time Dave started listening to bands like Nirvana, Foo fighters and Pearl Jam and formed a rock band with secondary school mates. Initially playing bass and main vocals while the other members played electric guitars and drums.

“That band gave me my first studio recording experience which blew my mind. We hooked up with a local producer and packed off to a big old studio in Cork where we laid down our tracks. We entered one of those songs in a 2fm competition, came in the top 40 in Ireland, made the local news paper and thought we were going to take over the world! The taste of the musician’s life was well and truly there.”

Over subsequent years, Dave recorded on live TV and Radio with various Bands while also working full time. Recently finding the courage to set out on his own path, this new solo music is a sonic reflection of his journey from adolescence to adulthood and the tapestry of songs woven therein tell the tales. Recorded & Produced with Cian Boylan and Conor Brady at Camden Recording Studios and Mastered by Grammy Award winner Ruadhri Cushman, Dave Sullivan’s “Better Late Than Never” EP stitches together pieces of songs started from the perspective of a twenty-year old dreaming of a career in music but completed years later by someone who has experienced a very different journey thru a 9 to 5 life far from the stage.

Says Dave of the EP:

“This EP is based on the love and anger, sadness and elation, associated with the various stages of and different perspectives within relationships both romantic and social. The songs are anchored in a solemn honesty making it easy for an audience to relate to.”

‘Started Again’ is out on Sept 17th. Across all streaming platforms. 

Online links:


SoFFT Productions announce ‘Autumn Equinox – Until The Harvest Comes’, a celebration of Local music from Co Meath’s finest. 

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‘UNTIL THE HARVEST COMES’ Autumn Equinox Event in Ireland’s Ancient East. Coming September 25th 2021.

Tickets: €25 On Sale 1.9.2021 @ 9am CLICK HERE.

In partnership with Meath County Council Arts Office, supported by the Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts Gaeltacht, Sports & Media under the Local live Performance Scheme, SoFFT Productions announce ‘Autumn Equinox – Until The Harvest Comes’, a celebration of Local music from Co Meath’s finest. 

The intimate event set on the beautiful grounds of Dunderry Park, Co Meath, will celebrate and boast local Arts and Music from Co Meath on September 25th 2021. In total, 6 Acts will perform on one mainstage, built by wonderful craft makers to harmonise with the surrounding environment of nature. The event also falls on the Autumnal equinox, which marks the two moments in the year when the Sun is exactly above the Equator and day and night are of equal length and the celestial equator intersect. The energies of this special period in the calendar will be a force as it emerges with the creative flow from those performing at the event and those attending. Certainly, it will be an experience to enjoy and cherish after such a long period of isolation for so many in one of the most uncertain times in modern history. A chance to come together with a shared passion for the arts and Mother Earth/Nature.  

Along with the musical line-up on the evening, there will be a live performance cinematic concept short film titled ‘Until the Dew Falls’, a homage to the Autumn Equinox shot at Loughcrew which will be screened at the event and will also be broadcast live at 7pm over on for all to watch. The music and artistic homage to the autumn equinox will be an episodic journey through the different moments that lead up to this celestial event.

Keeping it organic, SoFFT Productions are working with local Meath artists to develop brand new pieces of music, dance and poetry which will then be filmed at Loughcrew. Joining together the poignancy of place with artistic expression.

You can register now for the screening of the film at the address below. 

The Line-Up of local Musical Acts include:

THOSE NERVOUS ANIMALS; started making music together in 1981. Forty years later the band released their first complete album, The Mission Sessions, consisting of songs from early days and from every decade since, the most recent material recorded remotely during the first Covid-19 lockdown of 2020. Unusually for Irish bands of the era, Those Nervous Animals mixed blue-eyed soul, funk and indie into an uncategorisable whole.

HamsandwicH One of the most enthralling live acts in recent times, HamsandwicH are well known for their incendiary live performances which has put them right at the top of the live acts to see today. With the combination of Niamh Farrell’s powerful yet sweet vocal and Podge McNamee’s juxstaposing baritone the band are given its signature calling card. If ever there was a band to feed off their audience it is HamsandwicH. Each show is bona fide celebration with everything from balloons and confetti to their unique crowd interaction on display. Number 1 album Stories from the Surface is out now.

OLIVER COLE Having had some success with his first band Swampshack, Oliver Cole formed the three-piece rock band, Turn. Oliver was Turn’s singer, songwriter and main guitarist, and they soon signed to Infectious Records in London, which was home to Muse, Ash and Garbage, among others. Turn enjoyed great success and popularity, playing sell-out gigs at Vicar Street and a packed to the gills standout performance at the Oxegen festival in 2005.

PADDY SMITH BAND In 2013, Paddy released his 12-track album called ‘Let Those Blues In.’ It earned him kudos and airplay on radio all over Ireland. In 2016, a short documentary by the same name aired on Irish national television & won high praise and global awards for telling Paddy’s life story about the blues and his life today in recovery. Whether he’s performing blues standards or his own original material that’s informed by his experiences, Paddy Smith blows the blues. And he’s ready to share it with you.

BERNADETTE NIC GABHANN Comes from a musical family in County Meath. She has travelled the world playing fiddle & promoting Irish Arts. Having toured as Fiddle player with Troupe 2 of  ‘Michael Flatley’s Lord of the Dance’ through many US towns, and also to Alaska & South Korea. She also performed with Gaelforce Dance, which toured Eastern Europe and Taiwan, and spent a summer in Busch Gardens, Virginia with Irish Thunder. Bernadette then lived in Nashville for a little while then, before moving back to Ireland.

JOY BOOTH A singer/songwriter from Navan, Co. Meath. No stranger to some of Ireland’s best venues and festivals, she has opened shows for many musical luminaries, including Wallis Bird, Cathy Davey, Pilgrim St, Declan O’Rourke, Mary Coughlan and The Lost Brothers. Joy’s own brand of music is a folk/blues blend, coupling captive melodic turns with disarmingly honest lyrics. Her long-awaited debut album “All You Were” features a host of gifted Meath-based musicians and is due for release in 2021.

Tickets for the event are €25.00 including the Booking fee and are available at here:

For more information see: Website // Instagram // Facebook // Twitter

Notes on the artwork: The symbols on both the Line-up poster and the film poster are simplified versions of art found on artefacts in Loughcrew. The symbol on “Until the Harvest Comes” comes from a bone slip found in Cairn H and “Until the Dew Falls” comes from a stone in Cairn T. The split sections symbolize the even split between night and day at the equinox.

This is a family-friendly event. However, under 18’s must be accompanied by an adult. Event subject to government restrictions.





For more details/high res images of acts/posters/social media assets/interview requests please contact: Linda or Sara at

Hannah Kathleen Announces Amy Lauren Remixes of ‘Missing U’ Set For Sept 17th Release

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Hannah Kathleen has just announced the Amy Lauren Remixes of ‘Missing U’, a contemporary Dance-Pop track. Influenced heavily by Mariah, Ariana and Christina, Hannah’s voice is delivers lush harmony-laden Pop sensibilities akin to the 90’s and indeed 00’s Pop divas with a modern element.

Hannah is young but already making waves, having performed not once, but twice, on Sir Richard Branson’s private island, Necker Island, in December 2018 & 2019, to guests including tennis legends Rod Laver & Martina Navratilova, as well as Sir Richard Branson himself. She has over 120,000 followers on Instagram, her word of mouth endorsement’s within the entertainment industry echoing across her social media. Following her placement as a Miss Universe Ireland finalist in 2017 & 2018, she was invited back as a featured performer at the Miss Universe Ireland Final 2019 Show, as well as the famous ‘Blondwiesn’ Oktoberfest celebrations in Munich. 

Based out of Essex in the UK, Amy Lauren is a burst onto the House & Tech House production scene in 2020; with plays on Radio 1, Kiss FM, SLAM! Insomniac Radio and many more massive stations across the world. She’s not a new name in the scene, known as both a DJ, notably having DJ’d on match day at the Tottenham Hotspur stadium, and for being on the radio; where you can catch her on Select with The Dance Show, every Friday from 12-2pm UK time.

She’s officially remixed for Scott Garcia on Closer Than Close; A tech house flip of a garage classic, the track received multiple supports from DJ S.K.T on Kiss FM and was named one of Ibiza Spotlight’s “Tunes of the Month”; As well as officially remixing for Charlotte Devaney & SHOSH, with loads more official remixes on the way throughout 2021! She’s released on Wyldcard with “Workerz & Twerkerz”, with sick remixes from VenkyRunge and Kyle Robertson.

Hannah and Amy teamed together on MISSING U, to fuse together a reflective romantic track with a dance/dub twist.

The lyrics are particularly relevant to couples who have been missing/are missing each other due to COVID-19 lockdowns. It reminisces on better times with the hopes for a better future. It also features a cute reference to one of the most famous (and my fav) romantic movies of recent years, “The Notebook”!

The new single ‘MISSING U’ is out Sept 17th. As Amy would say… #BoomLetsGo

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Documentary Film ‘Áine Tyrrell: Irish Troubadour’ Explores Following Your Dreams and Escaping Domestic Abuse. Now Available Online

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The stunning documentary film from Dr. Enda Murray explores Irish Troubadour Áine Tyrrell’s journey as she plays Woodford Festival just north of Brisbane with her band over New Years 2019/2020. It combines two storylines: Tyrell’s journey to the festival and performing there, and a personal story of escaping domestic violence. Irish Troubadour is directed and produced by Enda Murray.

In coming to Australia, Áine was attempting to save a relationship with a violent partner. After much heart-searching Áine has decided to talk publicly about the experience where her Australian dream became a nightmare. When she was at her lowest ebb, Áine bought a 1966 Bedford bus and took her 3 young children on the road. Áine’s goal is to be a working artiste and a mother to her children. She is passionate about passing on her Irish language and culture to her family and equally passionate to respect and absorb the Aboriginal heritage of her adopted land.

Áine says this is a dream come true for her.

‘Five years ago, when Enda asked to start filming me for a documentary about my life, I couldn’t have imagined it’d be premiering in my city of birth at the Galway Film Fleadh. It breaks my heart to not be able to get home to be there, but to be honest, I’d probably be a bit of an emotional mess if I did, because I am already here blubbering at all the lovely messages people are sending me about it,’ says Aine.

‘I don’t talk much about our past and being survivors of domestic violence because I’ve been so busy building me and my kids a brighter future. Sometimes I forget how far we have come and this movie documenting all that time is humbling’.

The documentary includes Q+A with Áine Tyrrell and director Dr. Enda Murraym be sure to check out Áines exclusive interview in the Irish Examiner here.

Follow Áine Tyrrell at

PapaRua Announces New EP ‘103’ Set To Be Released July 30th

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PapaRua has just announced new single ‘Wet Street’ which is due to be released on July 30th along with the EP ‘103’. Hailing from Dublin, Ireland. PapaRua draws influences from Jamiroquai, Jack Johnson, Charlie Puth, Jason Mraz and Bruno Mars. Not fitting into any one specific genre, the artist fuses Pop sensibilities with the smoothness of RnB Soul and NuFolk creating a sonic hybrid that appeals to the repeat button on the new music out this Summer. 
PapaRua, also a multiinstrumentalist, is a largely solo affair, featuring a handful of musical collaborators on his new music. Exploring themes ranging from toxic masculinity, friendship, allyship, loneliness, burnout and hope in a vulnerable open fashion.
Make sure you subscribe to PapaRua’s Spotify Page and stay up to date and follow the journey. It is a vast tapestry of tales interwoven into song and music on his EP ‘103’ which will be released July 30th along with lead single ‘Wet Street’. 

Irish Troubadour Darragh O’Dea Announces New Album & Irish Tour Dates

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Darragh O’Dea announces new song feat Katherine Priddy: ‘Guerrilla Warfare in Your Back Garden’ set to be released on July 30th, with album to follow October 29th

Irish songwriter Darragh O’Dea is known for his wistful storytelling. By using historical imagery to tell present-day stories, he creates nostalgic nuggets of joy and despair. His music conveys the moods and elements of his surroundings, delivered in an honest and alluring manner. Darragh hails from Tuam Co Galway and weaves a tapestry of the everyday in sonic threads on his new music.

His new material, heavily influenced by peers such as Kevin Morby, Bright Eyes, Christy Moore and Willy Mason, shows that he is a master storyteller.

Darragh discusses the idea and theme of the song below:

It is a song about the ancient and much-loved past-time of fighting over land and inheritance, a situation that has torn many families apart. The constant seeking of land for land’s sake. And the wills and the contesting of wills – and who was left what? I think many Irish people will have some sort of experience with this in one way or another.. the Guerrilla Warfare in Your Back Garden…

It’s a song that I wrote 5 years ago and have recorded numerous different versions of, but I was never happy with the outcome until I decided to try it as a duet with Birmingham based folk singer Katherine Priddy who added another perspective to the song.

Recorded between Sun Street Studios and Turf Shed Studio, in Tuam Co. Galway. It was co-produced by Kenny Ralph and Dylan Connolly. The single is out on July 30th across all digital channels. The long player album ‘Tilly & The Postmaster’ will follow the single in Oct 2021. 

Musicians who performed on the new music include:

  • Guitar & vocals – Darragh O’Dea
  • Vocals – Katherine Priddy
  • Electric guitar & bass – Dylan Connolly
  • Keys & banjo – Rory Donnellan
  • Drums – Evan Barrows

Smart Link to pre-save single:

Upcoming Gigs:

  • 3rd September 2021 – Moseley Folk & Art Festival, Birmingham, UK
  • 28th November 2021 – Whelan’s (Upstairs), Dublin
  • 18th December 2021 – The Mall Theatre, Tuam Co. Galway
  • 12th March 2022 – Campbell’s Tavern, Cloughanover Co. Galway

Social Links: