Áine Tyrrell Releases Powerful Song “PEOPLE LIKE ME AND YOU”

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Tyrell has just announced the release of her latest song, ‘PEOPLE LIKE ME AND YOU’. This is the first single from her forthcoming album, ‘MISE ÉIRE’, which is a pioneering testament to artistic courage, resilience and hope born out of Áine’s remarkable journey from her native West Coast of Ireland to the East Coast of Australia. 

Escaping a decade of domestic violence with her three children, Áine redefined her narrative from victimhood to triumph, PEOPLE LIKE ME AND YOU sings powerfully, into and out of this story. With a blend of genres, Áine’s raw and honest lyrics deliver a message of empowerment in the face of adversity, particularly addressing global issues of violence against women and within the music industry. 

The inspiration for the track struck her in a defining moment during her performance at Splendour In The Grass when she remembered all she had battled to get there and felt the incredible connection between the audience and her music. They were people like her, all rising to the music, together. 

In addition to the song release, Áine and her collaborators are taking the opportunity to affect social change. PEOPLE LIKE ME AND YOU is a combined song, short film and social advocacy project. Integrating her musical talents with her experience as an educator and activist, Áine and her team will be providing resources to grassroots organisations supporting survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.

“We’re not just releasing music; we’re shifting things, making change, one step at a time. Our mission is to raise awareness, hope, and to holistically bring art into healing spaces.” – Áine Tyrrell

The accompanying music video, directed and produced by Busty Beatz from Hot Brown Honey, First Nations Film studio Wirrim Media and featuring Riah Pelesa, intricately weaves together the story of Miriam, a Samoan woman navigating the challenges of single motherhood, eviction, and rediscovery of her artistic path. Through Miriam’s journey, the video embodies themes of resilience, hope, and the power of self-discovery.

PEOPLE LIKE ME AND YOU invites listeners to join a journey of transformation, to forge change and create possibilities no matter what the circumstance. As Áine simply puts it,

“If someone like me can stand here against all odds, so can you.”

Available on all streaming platforms Wed 15th May!

ADDITIONAL INFO: About Áine Tyrrell

“Áine Tyrrell is a force” – Irish Times

 Áine Tyrrell is an inspiring and thought-provoking multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and unmissable live act, she graces stages globally – from Woodford Folk Festival, to Shrewsbury Folk Festival in the UK to Clonakilty International Guitar Festival in Ireland, International Folk Alliance in the USA, and the coveted Splendour in the Grass.

In 2021, the significance of Áine’s impact was underscored when she was chosen to join the Irish President, Michael D O’Higgins, and his wife Sabine in a tribute celebrating the valour and artistry of Irish women. Áine’s commitment to connecting with her audience is evident. Celebrating 290 Virtual Cuppa Teas (online performances) and fostering a thriving community in Patreon over the last 3 years.

She was rightfully acknowledged as one of the top 10 musical creators by The Australian Newspaper in 2021 and acclaim has followed her from both Australian and Irish radio circuits with notable features on ABC Radio, RTE Radio, Double J Radio, and BBC NI Music. Her chart-topping presence on Ireland’s RTE’s Independent Music Charts speaks volumes about her resonance in the musical landscape.

Beyond being an esteemed performer, Áine was recently listed as an International Best-Selling Author with her contribution towards “Rebel Ma: Rising In The Time Of The Feminine” and has been turning heads with her sold-out shows with the Country Witches Association.

Áine is currently collaborating with renowned producer DOBBY, creating her third album, which is set for release May-September 2024.

Her journey, as put by The Australian, is indeed one worth following, “Tyrrell’s incredible journey is one you’d be well advised to follow.” With an unmistakably voice and an energy that’s both electric and intimate, Áine Tyrrell continues to spellbind her audience, making them fall in love with her sound, time and time again.

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