Al Lewis: A Journey of Heartfelt Melodies and Emotional Catharsis Spanning 15 Years

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Al Lewis: A Journey of Heartfelt Melodies and Emotional Catharsis Spanning 15 Years + Irish single release: NEVER BE FORGOTTEN – MARCH 1ST 

Al Lewis embarked on a musical odyssey that has now spanned 15 remarkable years. It was the untimely death of his father that served as the catalyst for this journey, leaving an indelible mark on Lewis and propelling him into the world of singer-songwriting.

Reflecting on that pivotal moment, Lewis shares, “I realised then that life was short, that you don’t know what’s coming around the corner, so you should grab for your dream.”

With unwavering determination, Lewis seized that dream and has since released seven solo albums, establishing himself as an artist of exceptional tenderness, insight, and melodic invention.

Lewis’s collaborations with Welsh singer-songwriter Sarah Howells, US artist Alva Leigh (as Lewis & Leigh), and Bristolian electronic soundscaper Kayla Painter (as GLASLYN) showcase his refusal to be confined by genre boundaries. Born and raised in Pwllheli, Lewis effortlessly navigates between English and Welsh in his songwriting, with his 2013 homage to Dylan Thomas, ‘A Child’s Christmas In Wales,’ making history as the first Welsh-language track to be play-listed on BBC Radio 2.

However, Lewis’s motivation extends beyond accolades and achievements. Music, for him, is an expression of joy and a cathartic exercise that allows him to better understand himself and the complexities of his own experiences. Turning personal stories into songs became a way for Lewis to navigate the intricacies of his emotions and make sense of life’s challenges.

It took Lewis a decade and a half to find the strength to address the profound loss of his father in song. Raised in an environment where discussions about feelings were not commonplace, Lewis struggled to process his grief. The breakthrough came during the filming of a television special for S4C, where Lewis was to perform for Multiple Sclerosis sufferers in North Wales. Confronted with the task of speaking about his father’s battle with MS, Lewis realized the deep-seated emotions that he had long buried.

The turning point came during the lockdown, when Lewis decided to explore his father’s long-forgotten possessions stored in the attic. Among dusty boxes, he uncovered relics from his father’s past – documents related to divorce, struggles with illness, and dreams pursued in the face of a diagnosis. This emotional journey allowed Lewis to paint a fuller picture of his father, providing closure and a deeper understanding of the man he had lost.

In sharing his personal and musical evolution, Al Lewis has emerged not only as a critically acclaimed artist but also as a testament to the transformative power of music and self-discovery. As he continues to captivate audiences with his tender melodies and insightful lyrics, Lewis stands as an inspiration for those seeking solace and understanding through the universal language of music.

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About Al Lewis:

Al Lewis is a singer-songwriter hailing from Pwllheli, Wales. With a career spanning 15 years, Lewis has released seven solo albums and collaborated with various artists across genres. His music, characterised by tenderness, insight, and melodic invention, reflects his personal journey of emotional catharsis and self-discovery. Born and raised in Pwllheli, Lewis writes and sings in both English and Welsh, making a mark as a versatile and compelling artist

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