M.Sea Announces Double A: ‘I Let Go Of Everything’ Set To Be Released Feb 27th

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Mary Claire Woolley is a Cork-based multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter from Limerick who performs under the moniker of M.SEA . Her first performance was in 2012 at Bradleys Barrack St, since then she has played in reputable venues across Ireland including Coughlans, DeBarra’s of Clonakilty, Levis Corner House Ballydehob, Anseo Bar Camden St Dublin and Triskel Art Centre Cork City among many more gaining extensive playing experience.

Additionally, she has toured transatlantic in New York City, Brixton, and Ritzy in London. Wowing audiences wherever she appears with her intoxicating and alluring live performances and stage presence.

She has just released her new studio album, Midheaven, which is her third release so far. As an alchemist of words and music, the release of album number three holds special significance for the artist. As if summoning her inner crone and goddess energy, there is a certain arcana woven throughout the sonic landscape. This album demonstrates the artist’s ability to tap into her primal creative source.

Commenting on the course of the recording process M.Sea says:

“The pace I take musically is not one of any industry but the poetic and the divine.  God and the Goddess know me best… the Universe ..or energy of the source or whatever you call it or maybe you have no belief in that at all… I can see why ..and that’s the case for so many… and that makes sense to me also… I feel a knowing about it now that I no longer deny and I try to echo my experiences and the flow of energy in my music…

There is all the low-level.. low-vibrational bullshit we all go through, are part of, and reenact, even when we try not to… and yet…many of us claw our way back to love and the source of whatever artform we find harbour within… through all that would prove us wrong… through all the disenfranchised and bewildered inner children of all the adults we know wanting it to be one thing so that nothing then can matter…but the message of this record is that you do matter… love is real and music can heal.

It’s been a beautiful process spanning a decade with these songs… they have been created from a place of love and acceptance… the alchemy, the longing, the frustration, anger, grief, fun, love expression, healing ,,, honesty ..peace…”.

While her music has been described as freak folk, it is nuanced by a variety of influences, including Feist, Beth Orton, PJ Harvey, and Karen Dalton.

M.Sea is a poet, a wordsmith, and a healer. She may be one of the most well-kept secrets that you have never heard of, but one you should take notice of. ‘I Let Go Of Everything” is out Feb 27th. 

See: http://mseamusic.com/ for more details. 

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