Mick-D Announces New Single ‘Get To You”

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The Mayo-born musician and creative artist Mick D has called on the creative expertise of Dublin producer Chris Kabs to record and produce a tropical chill summer vibe electronic house track called ‘Get To You’ in collaboration with the producer himself. 

As a producer and DJ who draws inspiration from luminaries such as Calvin Harris, SG Lewis, Kygo, Groove Armada, and other commercial producers and DJs, Mick D has been producing and writing his own music for the past six years. The album ‘Get To You’ represents his entry into the Irish music industry. Guaranteed to appeal to the repeat button.

Mick D explains what the song is about:

It’s a song for the dreamers amongst us. If you’re drifting in life, like an empty bottle on the tide, it’s important to never give up on making the shore, so the message inside you can be heard.

I wrote this song partly from a personal point of you but it evolved into something that represents a lot of people in life. Drifting, lost, discarded (empty glass bottle) but with a message inside’ that should be heard. The dream of reaching the shore, so you CAN be heard. Hence, the fun line ‘If you find me, Im yours. But nobody will get you to shore (personal success); its the storm in my soul that will take me to shore.

Sometimes people say things that can knock you back on your journey, ‘let water get in, but how could I sink?’. In life, going against the flow is sometimes what you have to do to achieve greater things.

You can stream the single now on Spotify, YouTube and any of the links below. 

‘Get to You’ -by Mick D(Produced by Chris Kabs)

Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/vJ32MtJFJfY






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