Irish Singer-songwriter Padjo Announces Debut Single ‘Blunder’ Out July 23rd

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Upon learning of U2’s material as a young musician, Padjo became inspired and determined to make a difference in the world by performing rock songs. Exclaiming that ‘a catchy guitar riff from a lyrical masterpiece makes you feel you’re alive when you hear it’. It was that feeling Padjo wanted to capture in his own music and share with everyone.

Having grown up in the idyllic surroundings of County Clare, in the west of Ireland, he has written songs tirelessly since he was a teenager and has formed numerous bands throughout school and college where he studied in Galway. A city known for its nurturing of musical talent. Having honed his skillset, he decided he was going to give it everything in 2019 and began writing and recording, readying himself to share his tapestry of carefully crafted music by the means of a debut album. 

The timing was not great, but he believes the end result is testament to perseverance and the
essence of this shines through on the album. Citing major influences such as legendary guitar riff bands and artists like U2, Oasis, Bon Jovi, Chris Cornell, Bruce Springsteen and any artist who unapologetically sets out to impact the world by telling their story.

‘Blunder’ is Padjos debut offering:

The idea for the song had been in my head for probably 5 / 6 years. It took a while for me to muster up the conviction to record it and get it out into the world. The song pretty much sums a period of time for me as a teenager / young adult where I had no clue what I was doing with my life. Every day was a mystery and every day had the potential for chaos (and a few Blunders of which there were no shortage!). I was living one day at a time and having a ball.

I didn’t have a bob to my name and every move I made was closely followed by my auld lad shaking his head in disbelief. I feel like everybody will be able to relate to that in some capacity! It is a feel good track that brings me back to those care free summer days which everybody is longing for after a tough year in hibernation.

It is Padjo’s hope that the track that can lift the nation as we progress out of the pandemic.
The track is a sign of things to come – High Energy , Rocking tunes – as the balance of Padjo’s debut album is nearing completion. Set for release on July 23rd 2021. 

Written by Patrick Dolan
Performed by Patrick Dolan
Produced by Cian Boylan and Conor Brady
Mixed by Cian Boylan and Conor Brady
Mastered by Ruadhrí Cushnan
Recorded, Mixed, Mastered in Camden Recording Studios, Dublin

Patrick Dolan (Acoustic Guitar and Vocals)
Cian Boylan (Piano, Vox Organ, Keyboards, Programming)
Conor Brady (Guitars)
Dave Hingerty (Drums)
Robbie Malone (Electric Bass)

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