John Jermyn Releases New Album: ‘Wall Of Prayer’ Oct 5th

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Irish based singer/songwriter/guitarist John Jermyn, has long pursued an elusive muse. But for many years he has also etched out a successful career as an artist being, as he is a well known painter.

When John was approached and commissioned to paint a picture to acknowledge the passing of a short life, by a family grieving upon the loss of a child, he handled the request in a way in which only the vastly talented and creatively minded can. He turned it into an erudite discussion between the loss and love harboured by the bereaved and captured by the artist.

Wall of Prayer – original painting/artwork by John Jermyn

In 2016, he journeyed to Ireland’s western seaboard, barren and wild, though beautiful, to gather a feeling of ‘place’. Returning homeward to create a painting that would be suitably soothing, memorable and symbolic. A series of artwork flowed and then a collection of songs emerged that reached a symbiotic relationship between his art and music.

Songs on the album span stories of love laid bare such as ‘I’ll Wait ‘and the gorgeous ‘Penney Don’t Go To Stockholm’, are balanced out by the melancholic ‘Too Shy’ and rather more upbeat grit such as ‘Bad Day’ and ‘Taste Of The Sunset’.

Here we have a fragile and emotive singer songwriter who has delivered an intimate, impassioned album that marries his stunning artwork and musical capabilities. 

Wall Of Prayer, is an absolute thing of rare and rugged beauty. 


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