Áine Tyrrell announces new single ‘Hope Will See Me Through’

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An ode to the troubadours journey of creative expression and the trials and tribulations that follow.

‘Hope Will See Me Through’ – OUT March 8th 2019

She may be one of our most prolific artists, but Australian-based Irish singer Áine Tyrrell is showing no signs of letting up, on her special announcement of her new album ‘Return to the Sea’ (See here for album pr notes: http://wp.me/pfSbW-1vf) and single ‘Hope Will See Me Through’.

From the West Coast of Ireland hails one of Australia’s favourite adopted sisters, who readies herself to release her unwavering and purely honest second album, March 8th in Ireland, to accompany the release, a truly stunning, honest song…

Says Áine of her new single “What you see on social media or at gigs rarely reflects what independent artists are doing day in and day out. It is a massive battle to bring any piece of art into the noisy world we live in independently. What I have found helps, is those cups of tea with friends who are doing the same thing, the little messages here and there, or a little word of encouragement from a stranger along the way.

 Another song writing friend had told me in one of these exchanges to hang on for good news through the ups and downs of it all and this little piece of advice, I always come back to. A little thought of hope and holding on is never far from my mind so it is quite natural “Hope Will See Me Through” would find its way out of me. It is one of those rare songs that came through as a little mantra and is in tact in the same way as it was at that time I needed to say it to myself.  

Creative living is just a reflection of being human, so this little song has come in handy in more than just my career. This little light of hope in a song has helped me through the passing of a dear friend, motherhood, and homesickness. To be human is to need hope. I hope this song becomes a little hug to anyone going through something tough or for anyone trying to bring their creative thing out into the world too. We need you and your art”.




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