PAULY FAGAN announces new single ‘It’s What You Got’ a message to those suffering from Depression

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“It’s What You Got” Oct 26th

Taken from upcoming album ROADS

Meath man Pauly Fagan grew up in Navan, with a family of music lovers and musicians. Greatly influenced by his parent’s passion for the arts and music, he and all of his brothers were trained to play instruments and also how to read music from the tender age of 4. His unique voice and harmonies win people over wherever he goes. Word of mouth endorsement from those who have seen Pauly perform live has come from Ireland to as far as Canada where he wrote his latest release ‘It’s What You Got’ which is penned for an Oct release date.

Citing his influences Paulo Nutini, Tracy Chapman, the Beatles and Joe Cocker on this new release. His panache in songwriting surprises many as he writes song after song as he is often inspired by the world around him and love; won, lost and observed. 

A talented diverse musician and singer, Pauly plays guitar, piano, tin whistle, trumpet, the Flugelhorn and the French horn. At the age of 12 he enrolled in one of the most musical secondary schools in the country and became a full-time student and border at St. Finnian’s College, Mullingar Co. West Meath. This was where he started to really develop as a musician. Under the supervision of Mr Shane Brennan he was trained how to use his vocal gift to its full potential and sang as a tenor in the school choir for 5 years.

Post school, Pauly paid his dues playing in various venues around Ireland before moving to Canada to give being a full time musician a go. Within a few short months of being there he began recording his own music in EMAC Studios, one of the leading recording studios in Ontario.

He returned to Ireland and his beloved family in April 2012. Finding Ireland still having tough economic times, he returned to Canada for a while performing and traveling but his heart belonged to Ireland. He made the move home for good, and focused on his music at home.

He is a keen supporter of charities and loves to roll up his sleeves for a good cause. He released his first album in 2016 – DEEPER. It featured the song “Hold Me Down” which was used to bring awareness to Women’s Aid Ireland and the issue of domestic violence. Most recently, he has become a strong voice for other young musicians highlighting the risks around depression.

‘It’s What You Got’ is his message to those who may feel down and out… it is his message that they have what its got to get up and make a difference and be a positive light in the world.

The single was recorded and mixed in Abbey Lane studios in Drogheda, Co Louth with Fran McDermot and Eric Sharpe on production. It was Mastered by Fergal Davis. 



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