Pat Byrne announces new Single and LP “Rituals”

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New Single “Rituals” Out Sept 28th 2018

Irish singer and songwriter, Pat Byrne hails from Borris, County Carlow. Pat’s voice strikes an emotional chord with his audience; ranging from seductive whisper one moment, to full-bodied rock ‘n’ roll growl the next. Citing early influences such as Johnny Cash and Elvis, who first encouraged him to pick up the guitar. “I’ll be forever grateful to my parents for having their records in the house,” Byrne said. Pat started drumming as a young teen, forming his first band in 2007 and playing professionally through his university years.

Pat has come a long way since winning the inaugural season of “The Voice of Ireland”. The talent was obvious, but it takes more than brilliant vocals to make it in today’s competitive music business. “The Voice” certainly was a learning experience for Pat, that included both highs and lows. Making an album in 3 months meant writing new songs with some great people, but also, in some ways, compromising on the art Pat wanted to create. After the initial roar, things went back to normal and Pat continued gigging around Ireland, UK and Europe; however, with a new sense of confidence.

It is now evident he has honed his talent; his voice has matured and grown stronger. A seasoned performer, he seems as comfortable on the stage as he is in his living room. Dexterous songwriting prowess emerged, with lyrics that make you think.

Quietly, Pat, is taking on America on his own terms; putting in the hard work required to make it in a crowded field. In a recent interview, Pat was asked what he has learned over the years about the industry and where he wants to go from here.

“Being famous is not what it’s about for me,” Byrne reflected. “The most fulfilling for me, over the last couple of years, has been making the music I want to make; creating something from nothing and watching it grow into a full-blown piece of music.”

“The creative process of getting a finished product, that you’ve written yourself, and you can stand over it and be proud of it; that’s my favorite,” said Byrne. “And, there’s almost a therapy to it as well. “

Moving to Austin, Texas, opened a whole new world of music for Pat. “It’s terrifying, but I’ve never felt so alive musically. Every night I go see a new gig; and I’m blown away. And I get chances to play with those people and it’s inspiring,” said Byrne. I’ve been writing much better stuff since coming here.”

Pat is now releasing his new material, starting with the single “Rituals” September 28; with the LP by the same name coming out mid-October. The artistic growth is clear, and the authenticity is palpable. No one genre dictates the mix, which ranges from rock to pop, and folk with a splash of blues—and they get better with each listening.

About the song in the artist’s words: Rituals

‘Rituals” is a cry of frustration on behalf of anyone who took the road less travelled. For artists and dreamers who’ve decided they don’t want to follow the template for life that has become “normal” and expected. Study hard for your Leaving Cert, Go to College, get a good job, make as much money as possible, marry someone before it’s too late, have kids, raise them to do the same.

My life has certainly not been easy or “normal”. But I couldn’t be happier with my decisions. I’ve always found it fulfilling and rewarding to create music, and to follow the high that I get from performing. Money has never been my motivation.

People who chose to take chances and follow their dreams constantly field questions like “When are you going to get a real job?” or “When are you going to grow up and take life seriously?” This song is for all of those people’.


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