Claire Roche: “From Then To The Here And Now”

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Claire Roche

Announces listening sampler ‘Dedication EP’ from album album “From Then To The Here And Now” which is scheduled to be released in Oct 12th.

Gigs: Lexicon library in Dunlaoighre 

The NCH John Field Room, June 26th 8pm

Mountstewart, Northern Ireland, with Yeat’s Women, Oct 6th

We think of a harp and what it sounds like and usually relate to the harp as a solo instrument for playing tunes. Then we think of singers and what they sound like. Let us now merge the two, which is a musical path of uniqueness, passion and intimacy that is present during a performance by Claire.

‘In a world of shattered dreams the artist must celebrate the comely and the beautiful’, whether it is valid at least it’s honest, as Claire writes in a stream of consciousness from the silver trickles of her past and indeed the vast landscape of Irelands mythological tales and historical events and happenings.

Rather than just play tunes, Claire has chosen the harp to be her accompaniment, her choir, her veil to the “otherworld”. Her words, music and passion gently warms the hearts of those present and fires their spirits into passion, courage, tears, love and laughter.

After earning a degree in English and Literature at University College, Dublin and a diploma in Anglo Irish Literature from Trinity College, Dublin Claire advanced her intimate studies into literature through to a Master of Arts Degree. Already a piano player and writer of passionate, intimate and poetic songs, Claire experienced a calling to study playing the harp that she soon used as her accompaniment for sharing her songs.

Claire studied Irish harp again with Mairin Ferritear at Sion Hill Convent, Dublin,Concert harp with Catriona Yeats at the College of Music, Dublin, and Denise Kelly of the Royal Academy of Music in Dublin.

Not only is Claire’s music unique, but it is emotionally moving especially when we are present in her live performance. This new Radio EP encompasses 4 key tracks from her upcoming album “From Then To The Here And Now” which will be released in Sept 2018.



1) Dedication  

2) Visiting Hour

3) Essence

4) The Longing

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