Lucy Spraggan speaks to RTE TEN about the meaning of success

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With her new album We Are just released, singer-songwriter Lucy Spraggan has told TEN that, for her, the meaning of success is “whatever you feel comfortable with”.Lucy_Spraggan_shares_her_meaning_of_success_-_RTÉ_Ten

The former X Factor contestant, who has set up her own label, CTRL, said: “Some people think global domination is success, and other people think just getting to do a paid gig is success. And at one point getting a paid gig was success for me. One! One paid gig!”

She continued: “So success for me is whatever you feel comfortable with, where your expectation lies.”

Spraggan added: “It’s so clouded sometimes by what other people have implemented to tell you what success is, which is what I suffered with for the last two years until I realised, ‘No, I’m actually doing what I love. I do tours and I make music and I do it as a job. This is me; this is success for me’.”

You can watch the full interview and an acoustic performance of the track The Postman by clicking the link below.


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