The Rising have a new single out “Calling You”

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Single: “Calling You” Out Now on iTunes

Taken from the album Coming Home which is out now!

As you’d expect from a band who share their moniker with a Bruce Springsteen album, The Rising play impassioned guitar-charged rock, shot through with a smart pop sensibility and everyman lyrical sentiments wholeheartedly expressed. The kind of thing, in fact, that has made The Boss such an endearing global figure. Then there’s the Nashville influence – listen hard and you can hear the polished country nuances of Keith Urban, Lady Antebellum and the multi-million unit shifting Taylor Swift.

Just as their native Belfast reinvented itself after more than three decades of being a bad news story, so The Rising have emerged from the ashes of another band, EXIT. Then a four-piece, they released a brace of well-received EPs and were championed by Kerrang magazine, who applauded their “enormous, stadium-seeking choruses” and a sound “as outsized as a monster truck at Kwik-Fit”. Classic Rock went further, exclaiming: “You can imagine watching this band on stage in a 20,000-seater arena with the crowd singing along to every word.” The quartet paid their dues on the live circuit, supporting the likes of Starsailor, Twin Atlantic, Journey South, Aslan, Sweet Savage and former Mama’s Boys frontman Pat McManus.

So why the name change? Simple – EXIT wanted to make music that was less rowdy and more refined, to replace the overt rock mannerisms with subtle pop stylings. With the line-up reduced to a leaner trio – singer Tristan Harris, guitarist Chris Logan and bassist Andy Morgan. Logan acknowledged the new roots-based direction, adding banjo and mandolin to his repertoire of instruments and so The Rising were born.

Their debut album is already in the can. Coming Home was recorded in Belfast, Nashville and Los Angeles, by several different producers, among them Grammy Award-winning engineer Hank Williams, renowned for his work with the aforementioned Urban and Swift, as well as Brad Paisley. It affirms that The Rising know their way around the sort of big and beautiful hooks that slay the masses, the sort of hooks that are both exhilarating and elevating – sustenance for the soul.

Maverick magazine have included a track from the album on a cover mount CD, lauding its “contemporary vibe, bubbling banjo undercurrents and guitar-driven arrangement reminiscent of one of Keith Urban’s many hits”. And it’s not just the critics that are taking notice of The Rising. American singer-songwriter Matthew Ryan – currently collaborating on a project with The Gaslight Anthem – was so impressed by their YouTube videos, he asked them to record a song of his for the channel. And BBC Radio2 dj Graham Norton has been spinning their music                  too!

You get the sense that this is only the beginning of a really exciting journey.

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