Determined musician Nell Bryden refused to let hair loss ruin her life.

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‘I grabbed Dad’s hair clippers to take control of my alopecia’

Nell Bryden spoke so bravely about her hair loss for the first time over the weekend in the Daily Mail:

READ HERE: Positive face: Nell sees her condition as a 'wake-up call' for life

Positive face: Nell sees her condition as a ‘wake-up call’ for life

Excerpt: Sitting in front of the mirror in my New York apartment, I saw a reflection I hardly recognised. I looked sick. My hair was so thin, large patches of my scalp showed through. My eyebrows and eyelashes were practically gone, too. This wasn’t me, I thought. It felt like a nightmare. But it wasn’t.

Until this moment, I had never realised how much my hair had been intertwined with my identity.

I picked up the clippers I had borrowed from my father and I raised them to my head. At the moment the buzzing metal hit my skin, a giant clap of thunder rang out. Rain began to fall outside as what was left of my hair fell to the floor.

Just three weeks earlier, I had bouncy blonde locks that I could gather into a ponytail or curl into ringlets. I half-heartedly complained about bad hair days but I never really had any. Sure, I had my little insecurities, like most women, about my thighs and my nose, but my hair had never been one of them.

I was confident, healthy and feminine, and I assumed that I would always stay that way. If you had told me when I was younger that I’d be completely bald by the age of 33, I’d have laughed.

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Nell’s new album ‘Shake The Tree’ is out now and she returns to Ireland on July 10th for an acoustic session in The Ruby Sessions in Dublin before her Electric Picnic performance on Aug 31st.

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