Adela & The Meanits reveal music video for Andy.

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Set to release new single ‘Andy’ in July (The 13th) Adela & The Meanits revealed the official music video for the track. “Andy is a song I wrote after a male friend of mine tried on my mothers clothes. The idea of both a male and female persona intrigued me and gave me the idea of this character; Andy”- Says lead singer Adela Meally.

The video’s story line follows ‘Demi Whore’, a well known Dublin Drag Queen, as she sets off on an interview for a job, in both personas of ‘Andy’. Bold and efficaciously fun, this charming song and video is taken from the album ‘Kinda Wild’ which will be released in the August 2012 in support of the Long Road Home tour the band will be taking on which involves playing 32 gigs in the 32 counties of Ireland in the month of August.

“Combining all the charming characteristics exuded so effortlessly on the stage: upbeat, off-kilter pop-songs that skateboard down the hand-rail between chart and alternative that make it quite impossible not to fall a little bit in love with Adela. And her multi-talented Meanits of course! (GMan). ‘Andy’ is a contagious little number that will lodge inside your brain where the word ‘FUN’ resides and it’ll bloody damn well refuse to leave! But don’t take our word for it, check it out!” (FUGM) 


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