Short film adaptation on the song ‘On My Side’ by Robb Murphy

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Teaming up with singer/songwriter Robb Murphy; award winning short film director Patrick Maxwell of Headline Films captured the singer and his real life girlfriend over the course of a day in Belfast for the filmic adaptation of the single ‘On My Side‘, the new single to be released from Robb Murphy’s debut album ‘Take A Stand‘.

Naturalistic and stripped back, the video opens on a young man shifting his weight, filled with the excited nerves that come before a big date. Will the following hours hold the potential for intimacy, indifference or even rejection? He resolves to rely on his tried and tested formula – ‘We will talk and I will smile’ – after all – he’s ‘got an act to keep up dear’. But what if he just goes with it and sees what the day holds. Could it live up to his expectations? Or even surpass them?

Stop imagining. Drop the act. Be yourself.

And she might just surprise you.

The video was directed, produced, filmed and edited by Patrick Maxwell at Headline Films in Belfast, UK. 

Robb Murphy – On My Side from RobbMurphy on Vimeo.

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