Saw Doctors for Christmas No.1?

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Direct from The Belfast Telegraph today:

By Ken Sweeney

The band who shot to fame by immortalising the N17 could hit No 1 this Christmas — singing about the merits of city life. Veteran Irish rock band The Saw Doctors have teamed up with legendary singer Petula Clark on a cover of her massive 1960s hit ‘Downtown’. Having covered the track at concerts for the past few years, the Tuam group only decided to record it as a single last month. But they were amazed when Ms Clark (79) agreed to join them in the studio for the recording session in London.

“How it happened was incredible,” said guitarist Leo Moran. “Petula lives in Switzerland, but by chance the producer we were working with, Philip Tennant, is a good friend of her manager, John Williams. There were a few phonecalls made and the next thing we were told was that Petula would be joining us in the studio. She didn’t seem fazed meeting us, as she’s worked with Muppets before on ‘The Muppet Show’,” Mr Moran joked.

Ms Clarke has also agreed to appear in the video for the new single — shot on the streets of Paris — which is released in Ireland on December 9.


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