Boost The Music gains positive reviews all round!

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In the past 2 months New music site Boost The Music launched its unique platform that is dedicated at helping repair the fractured relationship between the music industry and the ordinary consumer..

Boost The Music, is all about coming together and working together.  With the hope to create a space where music fans chat to each other; dish about new tracks and last night’s gig; create news, reviews and interviews from their unique perspective; and discover new acts worth seeing. With a unique platform where artists can get to know their fans, reward loyalty and get the support, encouragement and input they need to flourish! see 

The Star Newspaper – today highlights Boost The Music as “a new outlet for bands and fans! so get signed up! and Give Music A Boost!”

Hotpress –  “If fans, bands and artists do end up pulling in the same direction off the back of projects like Boost The Music, then that is something to celebrate! A Timely Boost!”

Irish Independent – “Boost The Music is offering bands a unique way to make money through “virchandise” stores which can include virtual t-shirts, mini polaroid and tangible music that could be used to finance recordings and offer a much-needed alternative revenue stream for your favourite bands”.

The Belfast Telegraph – “It is never a bad thing to have another music-based website to visit. What sets this one apart is that it is interactive in that ordinary music fans are in control as much as the  ‘music industry professionals’ and that it has the potential to cover ALL musical genres”

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