The Saw Doctors announce new single: HAZARD; aka The Country Is Fucked.

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Out Fri. Oct 14th

Taken from The No. 1 charted Irish Album:  ‘The further adventures of….”

“Album of the week” RTE Radio 1 ‘Made for crowd sing-a-longs’ Irish Times

“Celebrating the parts of real Ireland that most other bands don’t reach.” HOTPRESS****

In the last year, The Saw Doctors blazed back phoenix-like, to their rightful place as one of the nation’s most-loved bands. It’s 2011 and here is a band withstanding the odds of the current music age, who still know how to recreate and procreate the songs that put them were they are now; part of Irelands elite, well-known and most loved bands of the past two decades.

‘Hazard’, their new single, is a song about post-Celtic tiger Ireland where almost half a million people are back on the Dole. Born into a repressed, catholic, conservative, small-town, agrarian, angst-ridden and show band infested society, The Saw Doctors are trying to preserve the positive elements of their background and marry them to the sounds which have culturally invaded their milieu through TV, radio, 45’s, fast food restaurants, 24 hour petrol stations and electric blankets.

The Saw Doctors play the following Irish shows:

01 October Saturday, Fontwell Racecourse

12 November Saturday, Dublin Academy

18 November Friday, Belfast Mandela Hall

20 November Sunday, Derry Millennium Forum

See lyrics below.

Hazard aka The Country is F**ked (3.27)

(D.Carton/L.Moran) Please note there is no actual swear words in this song.

The days won’t matter,

And the weeks won’t matter

And the months won’t matter

Shoes won’t matter,

Your tie won’t matter

Your hair won’t matter


So hold on tightly

I’ve handed in the car keys and the phone

The Hazard is back in The Cellar

And me well I’m back on the rock and roll.


Your watch won’t matter

Your phone won’t matter

Your files won’t matter

Targets won’t matter

Deadlines won’t matter

The pressure won’t matter

To find out more gig dates, please visit The Saw Doctors Online: http://www.sawdoctors.com

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