Henrietta Game tell the story about new single ‘Last Thing’

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Henrietta Game  have just announced details of their new single “LAST THING” which will be out FRI. AUG 26TH

Since the release of their critically acclaimed album Black Ship (produced by Tommy McLaughlin – ‘Villagers’), there is no doubt that Henrietta Game have experienced a meteoric rise in the Irish music scene and they look set to continue to do so on the release of their new single ‘Last Thing’ on Aug 26th.  They have had numerous appearances & support on both television (RTE ‘The Café’, BBC 2, TG4) and radio (Today FM, 98 FM, Phantom FM, RTE Radio1, LMFM + more) They were also awarded a most sought after ALBUM OF THE WEEK on the National radio station RTE Radio1, who described the album as having that WOW- Factor.

The second single to be released from the album is titled ‘Last Thing’ and has quite an interesting back story as to how it came to be…In January 2009, the band, not even a month old, were rehearsing for their first gig in a house just off Parnell Street. Typically they’d practice in the basement but on this particular night they gathered in the sitting room at the front of the house to play to two other people who were living in the house.

Meanwhile… outside, two faint gunshots rang out…

All of a sudden each of their phones randomly started buzzing with texts and phone calls from worried friends and relatives hoping that they were okay. Unknown to them… two men had been shot outside the house as they rehearsed inside and the once quiet street had turned into a frantic crime-scene.

Slightly haunted by the whole tragedy, the following weekend at band practice, band member Christy brought up the incident and said to the band ‘Imagine if our music was the last thing those guys heard’…That very suggestion and possible realization inspired the band to write the second single ‘LAST THING’ from their now critically acclaimed album ‘BLACK SHIP’.

(Debut Single “Sleep Then” then went No. 1 in the iTunes alternative charts!!)

Their upcoming gig dates includes The Electric Picnic and a special support to UB40.

For everything else: www.henriettagame.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/HenriettaGame Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/HenriettaGame

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