The Saw Docs Meet US President

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Saw Docs Meet US President

Gardening and the vocal styling of the Governor of Maryland were the topics of discussion when The Saw Doctors met US President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama this week.

The Saw Doctors met with the couple following their performance at the concert in their honour at College Green in Dublin on Monday, when the Tuam group played their hit track ‘N17’ along with Sharon Shannon and Mundy, who performed the anthem ‘Galway Girl’.

The Saw Doctors manager, Ollie Jennings said that ‘N17’ went down very well with the 40,000 strong crowd and that it is significant that the group played the song this week.

“N17” is on the band’s first album, ‘If This Is Rock & Roll, I Want My Old Job Back’ and, actually, this week 20 years ago it was number one in the Irish Charts.  It was released on May 20, 1991” he said.

Mr Jennings said that although the song was written 20 years ago, the demise of the Celtic Tiger meant that it had suddenly become relevant again.

“A lot of young people have had to leave Ireland and are in bars in different parts of the world still wishing they could be on the N17”.

Following the concert on Monday, The Saw Doctors had the opportunity to meet with President and Mrs Obama, and guitarist Leo Moran chatted to the President about the band’s connection to the Governor Of Maryland, Martin O’Malley.

The politician’s band, O’Malley’s March, supported The Saw Doctors on several occasions before he became Governor of Maryland and President Obama commented that Governor O’Malley is “a good singer”.

Meanwhile, Michelle Obama, who famously tends her own vegetable garden in the grounds of the White House, chatted to avid gardener, Saw Doctors bassist Anthony Thistlethwaite about different types of seeds and the best time to plant them.

Lorraine O’Hanlon

Galway Independent
25th May, 2011

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