Robert S Blake prepares for Irish Tour

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Celebrating the release of his new LP THE BELFAST SESSIONS; a stunning folk, traditional album with beautiful artwork too! Blake is looking forward to returning to Ireland.

Robert Sarazin Blake has been playing and touring the world for the last ten years, with gigs across the USA, Europe, and most commonly Ireland. Hitch hiking his way throughout his first tour around the country, guitar on his back, playing bars, rooms, festivals and fields, Blake developed a deep appreciation for Irish Traditional folk music.

Recorded in Belfast and Bellingham over the course of 2 sessions, the album features trad maestros John and Tina McSherry and Francis Mc Ilduff. Flourishing songs of the everyday, of love and of the weather against a backdrop of uillean pipes, bodhran and guitar, the album is a testament to this powerful songwriters capacity at the simple, yet poetic delivery of song. The album features his most accessible work to date, most noticeably; ‘Waiting’ and ‘City Covered in Snow.’ It’s a folk/trad record, written and conceived in the two wettest towns this side of Glasgow, informed by his love of folk, trad and quality music.

On 29th April, Blake returns to Ireland again with this new record, ‘Belfast Sessions.’on deadslackstring records. He’s not sleeping on beaches, or parks anymore (well we hope not!) but he is bringing his distinctive style of folk music to bars, venues and rooms around the country.

Irish Tour dates: 29th April – Cobblestone, Dublin 
30th April – House show, Kinsale, Cork 
1st May– Roadside Tavern, Lisdoonvarna 
2nd May – Limerick 
4th May – Roisin Dubh, Galway 5th May – Auntie Annie’s, Belfast 
6th May – Cavan 
7th May – McGirls Pub, Leitrim 
8th May – Furey’s pub, Sligo


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