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“…Nothing is destroyed, everything is transformed.”
The four members of the Garrett Wall Band will be known from 2011 onwards as….

There are four honorary Madrileños that comprise TRACK DOGS (the formerly known Garrett Wall Band): who were formed in Autumn of 2006. In 2007, they released their first album, Sky Pointing. Recorded live, over three days in PKO Studios with the production of Fernando Montesinos. The project was then mixed in Nashville by David Ferguson (known for his work with Rick Rubin on recordings of U2, Jacob Dylan and the American Recordings of Johnny Cash).

It was this first CD that marked a point of depar ture for future recordings: a clean and powerful acoustic concept in which each of the four mem bers – Garrett Wall (guitar/piano/voice), Howard Brown (trumpet/voice), Robbie K. Jones (cajón) and Dave Mooney (bass/doublebass) – form a cornerstone in the foundation of the group’s sound. The band as a whole, capture a sound that is very much their own: an international reaching band with roots in Madrid. While the four members are from Ireland, the UK and the USA, and Garrett’s lyrics are in English. Their second album Hands & Imperfections was released in Ireland in February 2010 and has seen two singles playlisted on RTE Radio 1.

Being a viably successful touring band, they have also followed a similar route to their counterparts in getting their music onto TV & Film. Frontman Wall, recently sang on the soundtrack to the movie “Buried” starring Ryan Reynolds and has worked on over 150 ad campaigns in Spain, as both singer and lyricist, including one for Coca Cola (which went out to 90 countries). They have also placed music in various movies last year including “The Symmetry Of Love” and “First Dog” and Wall is also a featured vocalist on Spanish animated hit “Pocoyo”. Currently working away in Serenity Studios, Madrid on their third studio album – the first release under the new name, TRACK DOGS.

Why the change?

The GWB feel they have moved on from being a singer-songwriter + band to become Track Dogs, a group whose four years working together from their base in Madrid, has lead them to developing a very distinctive and unique sound where each element is as important as the other but overall being much more than the sum of the parts.

Four part harmonies have become the order of the day in many of the new songs and the new album sees first time compositions from Robbie, Dave and Howard. Garrett is still the main songwriter in the band and they continue to use their highly distinctive logo of the 4 instruments.

2011 will see the Track Dogs release their single “Move A Mountain” in early February to be followed by the album in March. The new year will also see them embark on a highly ambitious tour of all 52 provinces and autonomous regions of Spain plus a trip to the US for their first series of dates their in support of their debut album “Sky Pointing” which was released in October on NY label Cosmic Trigger.

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