Frank & Walters + Funzo; Singles out today + official videos

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Song for a Future Love Teaser – the Frank and Walters from Mairtin de Barra on Vimeo.

after a stint on The Buzzcocks last night, the Franks release new Single ‘Song for a Future Love’ today On Dec 10th 2010 (FIFA RECORDS)

Official stream link here:
Song for a Future Love- the Frank & Walters by GoodSeedPR

And so it ends, 2010. The Parson rode his bicycle with all the urgency of Spring, we got to Let It Out for those glorious two weeks of the Summer and The Clock ticked ominously as the Autumnal chill drifted in.

It’s Winter now, the seasons change, we change, and God knows the world has changed. Christmas can be the best of times, and the worst of times. But as always, there is hope. The Future, what will it hold? Song For A Future Love, the last of the bands seasonal releases, closes out the year in true epic style. With long time collaborator Dave Couse back in the production hotseat, The Frank And Walters give us a song that soars above the grind of the mundane and sparkles brightly in the cold crisp December sky. Check them out on Facebook now:


We are delighted to be apart of a very special campaign celebrating a new Single performed and written by ‘FUNZO’ IN AID OF BARNARDOScharity. GoodSeedPR have offered our time for free on this particular campaign because we feel that every now and then we all must take a step back and think about how lucky and fortunate we all are. In a world where bad news and word of disaster travels fast, it is easy to become numb to it all, and not take a moment to think about the lives of others. Today we kindly ask you, not even now, but maybe a little later on, to pause for a moment and think about this wonderful charity that works to improve the lives of Children at risk.

And for your time and goodwill we would like to extend our many thanks.

‘THIS CHRISTMAS’ has a Rel date of Dec 10th and will be Available on iTunes and in all stores nationwide from Dec onwards. if you click on the image below it will bring you to a place where you can listen to the song. If you like us, like what you hear, please support and purchase it from Dec onwards by walking into any HMV store and buying it.


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