Just one click does the trick:: Saw Doctors release new charity single: Red Cortina

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THE SAW DOCTORS// RED CORTINA (First Love Stays With You Forever)

Official Release Date: 3rd December 2010 (exclusively to iTunes).

100% of All proceeds go to St Vincent de Paul Society**.

The Saw Doctors have partnered with Smyths Toys to raise much needed funds for the St. Vincent De Paul Society. Every download of ‘Red Cortina’ Acapella version from iTunes IRELAND will be matched by a 1 Euro donation from Smyths Toys, i.e. if there is 2,000 downloads of Red Cortina Acapella from iTunes, then Smyths Toys will contribute 2,000 Euro to the Society of St. Vincent De Paul. If there are 5,000 downloads then Smyths Toys will contribute 5,000 Euro.

What was the name of your first love?

Says Leo Moran: It’s a shell-hard cold morning; up out of bed, you’ve brushed your teeth, wolfed down a bowl of corn flakes; now, with your schoolbag on your back, you are out walking in the icy air, breath like you’re smoking, not looking forward to Maths, first class, then Latin – but you know, as you approach the corner of the Dublin Road, at Scratch Moran’s sweet-shop……that…… if your timing is right………..just about six minutes past nine, when you come to cross the road,… that a car will be pulling up outside the Mercy Convent, your heart will rush, your head will spin and out of the passenger-side back door of that red Ford Cortina, registration 6954 IM, will step the most beautiful, most desired, soft and warm-looking prettiest creature in the world and you may speak shyly for the thirty yards from the car to her school gate; the day is made, it won’t get any better than this, and you look forward to lunchtime, the junior youth club on Tuesday night and six minutes past nine tomorrow morning.

Red Cortina (First Love Stays With You Forever): A song about the first time you fell in love… As the lyric says: Christmas Party Seventy-Seven… Heart Beat Like An Earthly Tremor…. First Love Stays With You Forever……

Peter Kay joined the band on stage for a few songs at their album launch last month after flying in specially to see them: He commented: “My family and I have been massive fans for years. It was great to get back with them again and I know the album is going to be huge”. They have also played Glastonbury and the V Festivals this year – Have completed a sell-out tour of the USA, starting at the Highline Ballroom in New York City and finishing with a massive concert at the Cape Cod Melody Tent in Massachusetts and are now about to start their UK tour. The new album which is out in all good record stores now, THE FURTHER ADVENTURES OF.. went straight in atno.1 in the Irish Charts and stayed in the top 10 for over a month.

USA Today Reported: “Like Bruce Springsteen They have the ability to express the core of human condition by evoking local characters and haunts, their songs are poignant vignettes of real life filled with tragedy, triumph and humour which transcend cultural boundaries”

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Irish Publicist:

Linda Coogan Byrne

ph: +353 851659065

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