‘examining the relationship between design and music’

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examining the relationship between design and music’. http://bit.ly/anGEkD a great article.


This series of articles aims to examine the relationship between design and music. How does one compliment the other? How do different designers solve the various creative problems of this discipline? What makes a successful (if not iconic) solution for music design? And how do creative partnerships in this field operate?

I can think of few more important, successful and inspiring case studies for this series than the creative partnership between Underworld and Tomato – which spans two decades, six studio albums, countless tours and side projects, a number of changes in personnel and numerous shifts in visual and musical style.

Throughout all this change, three players have remained at the core of the partnership and continue to work together today – Underworld’s Karl Hyde and Rick Smith (who have recorded together in various incarnations since 1980) and Tomato’s John Warwicker, who is an artist, designer, writer and conceptualist.

The work of John Warwicker and the music of Underworld have both played a massive part in the development of my own work, so I feel extremely privileged to have been able to speak with John about his relationship with the band, his process and how the visual identity of Underworld has evolved over the past 20 years.

I began my conversation with John by asking about how the dynamic between Tomato and Underworld has changed over time, how work is structured between the two and if any creative conflict exists within the partnership today...

read full article and amazing pictures and artwork here:http://madebyhk.com/19/08/2010/underworld-by-tomato/

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