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For the First time on CD, this release includes extensive biographical notes and track-by-track commentary by Spencer Leigh, acclaimed BBC radio presenter and journalist. Unusually for concert recordings, it features Piaf speaking and singing in English on occasion.

There is a memorable photograph of Edith Piaf performing at Carnegie Hall in January 1957. She is a tiny figure, not five foot tall and perhaps seven stone, wearing a simple, dark dress on a vast stage and we can see hundreds of people intently watching her. Her records were great, still are, but it was on stage that she truly revealed her compelling personality. Piaf’s concert at the Manhattan venue was a triumph on a par with her famed concerts at the Paris Olympia. She was working with her regular conductor, Robert Chauvigny, and Piaf could choose from over 100 of his arrangements for orchestra and choir.

Sometimes intentionally, sometimes accidentally, her songs often reflected the tragedies in her life and Piaf poured her feelings into them. No other performer, not even Billie Holiday, Judy Garland or Shirley Bassey, has performed with such intensity. You can appreciate the feelings in her songs even if you don’t know the language, but for this concert Piaf speaks and sings in English on occasion, making this album (first released in 1977) one that is particularly cherished by her many fans worldwide. Now, for the first time, the entire album can be purchased on CD


1            C’est pour ça

2            Je t’ai dans la peau

3            Les amants d’un jour (Lovers for a day)

4            Les grognards

5            C’est a Hambourg

6            Miséricorde (Heaven have mercy)

7            La goualante du pauvre Jean

8            Padam…Padam

9            Les feuilles mortes (Autumn leaves)

10            Mariage


1            Un jeune homme chantait (The highway)

2            La fête continue

3            Heureuse

4            Le petit homme (One little man)

5            L’homme à la moto

6            Je n’en connais pas la fin (A merry go round)

7            Télégramme

8            L’accordeoniste

9             Hymne a l’amour (If you love me, really love me)

10             Bravo pour le clown

11            La vie en rose

12            Monsieur Saint Pierre

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